Boyfriend With....... Husband On The Side..cont My Heart Must Mend, Breaking Cycles

So I sat husband down and I told him things that made me feel how I felt. I did get very vivid with him. In doing so, husband gave me nothing but a smug attitude that at such a serious time I was not feeling. We've been here before. This is what he always does. I asked him questions as far as a resolution, he gave me none. So by the end of that day he had called his mom (once again) packed his things and left. BUT THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT. I did call him and ask him would he be returning, he gave me a stern "NO". I WASN'T SURPRISED....the usual for him, BUT HE IS IN STORE FOR A SHOCKER. So the following day, I filed for spousal support, the day after that I started the proceedings for a divorce. I (as well as him) are getting far to old for this type of behavior. I also got my home number changed. GAME OVER. I need to get me right first, my head and my heart. The years of mind games and disrespect from him had lead me to act in a way I know I shouldn't have as a result. I am not blaming him for my actions either, but when there is someone waiting in the wings to love on you and treat you the way you need to be treated... who wouldn't lean that way. SO boyfriend is ready to make me his BUT, I have to get me right so I can move forward in a healthy way. I don't want to drag baggage from this marriage over to the relationship with my boyfriend is conducive, IF BOYFRIEND IS WHERE I AM GOING! So my ball is rolling... Yeah, I did drag my feet. As everyone knows, one wont move on anything until THEY ARE FED UP AND READY  NOW IT IS MY TIME , ALL THESE YEARS EVERYONE CAME BEFORE ME. IT STOPS HERE
36-40, F
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you need to help yoursself and care about you there other who feed off of you then one day you will have nothing lelf to give to your self or anyone els stay strong poisonivy69