Intusive Thoughts Causing Anxiety

I used to be happy, care-free, never worried too much. It all started when me and my husband started having problems then all of the things I used to be completly changed. It seems like one day I was fine then the next I started to have terrible thoughts. They started with bad thoughts about at the time my two year old son. Then those thoughts turned into other even more horrible ones about my husband. I would think about killing him. Now I'm the kind of person that is scared to kill a bug. It is now two years later and I am still having these thoughts. As soon as one thought goes away another takes its place. I have taken anti-depressant pills but the side effects just seem to end up being worse then the actual problem. My most recent thought is thinking the devil is going to posess me. I know all of this sounds crazy but I actually feel like I am going crazy and these things are really going to happen. I would never hurt my family or anyone else for that matter. Thank God that I have my husband who is always there and supports me no matter what. He is the only one that knows what I am going through because I can't talk to a professional because I am scared that they will take my son away. I ust need reassurance that I willbe ok.
Wnt2BmeAgain Wnt2BmeAgain
26-30, F
Sep 9, 2012