MED Less...

I know I need to go back on the meds but I'm afraid. I love my creativity and don't want to loose it to the little pink pill. I do hate the ups and downs though and I'm afraid someone will get hurt. It so sucks!
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too expensive so I quit it all... the bipolar crazies and the heart crap and the rest of it too! This is ME... trying my best and going solo! <br />
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I think i can<br />
i think i can<br />
oh my i think i can

I know it must stink to be on bipolar meds, but hang in there and take care of you.

I have tried so many different things for anxiety/depression, and at this point I no longer remember what works or what doesn't. So I don't take a thing... I really should have written it all down. <br />
Good luck to you msp and finding what works for you. :)

This was written some time ago... last month I began an antidepressant and two days ago they added the stabilizer. Right now I'm a freakin' yo-yo of mixed emotions and nausea but I'm holding on... thank you for the support. It is appreciated.

This is a tough decision for many of us. However it just takes perserverance. So take heart.<br />
I have finally come close to a seamless for me combination which uses a combination which dosen't kill the libado or creativity and if there are side effects they have yet to appear. Just keep plugging away.<br />
Good Luck kiddo!<br />

thanks...I've since started back for a month now and tomorrow we add another to the mix... cross u'r fingers

I found that my mind still worked just not as fast ... perhaps not as vividly as it did without the meds ... Quite a conundrum! <br />
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For me, I prefer to swallow the lil green pills and push through the sometimes impenetrable fog which keeps my creativity hostage. Those lil pills have saved my life countless times and no doubt saved several lives around me...

Your mind is the most powerful tool you possess. speak to yourself (not in a "crazy" way) or listen to your subconscious. Very useful, but hard to learn. You can do anything you desire.

Tell me more... you loose your creativity? I've been trying to get my wife on something to keep her stable, but she refuses... she was on something her Doc gave for for a month and she was the nicest person... but she said she didn't have control and she wanted control... she got it but it's true hell at times.