Bring Back the Happy Times

My life was'nt so painful before.. i never use to feel so much pain and un-wanted.. i use to care about the way i use to look the way i use to dress every little thing had to be perfect. Now my lifes turned upside mums not well and our familys been falling apart.. what makes it harder is that i feel there is no family right now everyones taking diffrent turnings..There seems to be no ending to the way my lifes going down down each day.. one greatest strength in my life is the love of my life.. hes keeping me going..again at times its difficult...hes a family man so hes busy busy...which is totally understandable..Maybe i could be stronger to avoid situations but.. cant be helped that weakeness in me is stronger than strengthness in me..

Dipz Dipz
18-21, F
Jul 14, 2007