I Think I Would Feel Less Depressed If I Felt Alive

I want to live again....I've been widowed for years...I have hobbies I am passionate about.....BUT  I am a PISCES (Elizabeth Taylor's  sign). She always wanted to be in a relationship..BUT  I'm not that desperate!! 

There are many things I love about living with my cat...and I have girlfriends..we do stuff together...I have a Great family...But MY HUSBAND  ,I HAVE been WIDOWED for many years now..my husband really spoiled me and I loved him for it.......I wonder if that part of my life will ever be goo dagain?

I HATE dating.  Its like going for a job interview...I just want one compatible mate...which I will find wherever, and whenever the dear Lord want me to...

csan csan
61-65, F
1 Response Jul 23, 2007

Oh Csan, I know exactly what you mean, I just go on a dating site, How horribly distasteful and purely cheesy the process was to me., but I did up my profile, and I have had lots of hits, some Frogs some princes, only one date so far as it's only been a matter of day's since I joined. but It's a step. Man I met was very nice, but I wonder if he would be capable of keeping up with me..... he's easy going and I'm wired the opposite, and truly I'd rather be alone than to have the wrong Mr. someone.there has to be someone for us both.... Good Luck