Or Do I

I am almost always alone. I cannot handle people and their greed and hypocrissy. I am not a halfway friend. If I give of myself, it is complete...and usually to complete morons who want to classify "friends" into sections of their life which usually means... what that person can offer to them in any given circumstance. I have had my fill of people who want to be in your confidences...but don't trust to confide. People who have always have their hand out, and it never bears an offering. I am such a freak. Even at my age, I still haven't learned not to trust. I haven't learned to hold back...and I probably never will. I don't like the person that I am when I am around others. I wouldn't even like it if the others were like me. I'm not perfect by any means...

But, what good is it to be a giving person if you have no one to give to. What good is knowledge if you cannot share that knowledge... what good is a heart that has never been broken, how strong can that heart be? What good is forgiveness if you have no one to forgive? What good are mistakes if you cannot learn from them?

But still, I am in this group because I want to live alone...for now.... but not for always. Someday I will want to leave this group. I long for that day, but its not today.
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1 Response May 19, 2012

You know what? Good for you. <br />
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Live alone for however long you feel comfortable with. Living alone doesn't mean no interactions with other people (Although sometimes I wish it did) and you can stop anytime you want. <br />
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Do whatever the heck makes you happy!