And I Hope You Can Too!

We only get one life to live.  We will never live our past again.  You will never live threw that hurt again.  It may be in your head and in your heart but the truth is there is so much room in your heart and your head for the future to fill it up.  Give hugs often to those in your life that are there and never take them for granted.  If you are lonely find someone.   If it takes the rest of your life find someone.   Not just anyone though but someone you learn over time by getting to know that will take care of your heart and be there for you.   Love is to precious and fragile of a thing to rush into so let it blossom and grow at its pace.   We all have the gift of tomorrow which is a blank sheet of paper.  With that paper write a story of hope!   Your happy ending is there if you Dare to Dream!

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Very wise words from one so young. I have had a lot of experiences in my lifetime in which I learned from the hard way. Check out my profile - perhaps I could be helpful to you.

Very well said. God Bless