What Will It Take To Make A Dream Survive?

How much will you love?

How much will you sacrifice?

How much will you forgive?

How long will you wait?

How often will you admit your the one thats wrong?

How much do you see?

How much do you share?

How open is your heart?

How many tears will you cry?

How many hugs will you give?

How much pain can you bare?

How much pain will you cause?

How often will you dance?

How much will you care?

How much will you learn and grow?

How many battles will be lost and won?

How far will you go?

How many questions of the heart and love?

Whats it going to take to make a dream survive and live happily ever after?

denverguy denverguy
36-40, M
5 Responses Mar 14, 2010

You'll notice I am systematically going through your stories. I liked this one a lot. It is very insightful.

Thank you :)

It takes longer time and more efforts to answer all these questions...

yes it does :)

Magic does happen tho ;)

Very thoughtful. Follow these and see where it takes you.... :-)

Thanks! I thought of 5 or 6 more questions too after I posted it but didn't want to go back and redo it so some questions just have to remain unanswered I guess. :)

This is really eye-opening. Thanks for this post.