A Want To Be A Full Time Nudist In A Textile World

As kids we cant keep our close on but every one says its nasty and bad to feel good
So some times we hide.
I use to hide in my tree house nude I could go up with shorts on and the walls were high enough to stand you would never no I was nude
I would go for hikes and find secret places in the hills to be nude.
As I got older and moved to LA it got harder to be nude out side but I could find places to go and lay in the sun and feel the breeze around my whole body
One day taking a boat ride off the coast of Palos Verdes we seen a nude beach and I wanted to be their
But it would be a few years later that I got a car and took a trip to look for the beach
Not knowing where to go I took trip along the cliff line looking to see where it was
Then I found it I went swimming naked I walked up and down the beach free as could be
The air and sun on me explored tide pools nude climbed up and over rocks.
Their were all kinds of nudes their big ones little ones extra large ones we were all their to be free I was hooked
I would explore cliffs along the coast and found from SanSimeon to San Diego
Ojai and a few other places
None of my wives shared this passion for nude as I do
Now I live in Minnesota and am so stuck with the textile world I hate it
To swim in my own pool I have to do it at night
Mosquitoes suck use bug spray I hate that oily stuff on my skin as much as I hate close on my skin
robin2967 robin2967
46-50, M
5 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Mazo Beach Wisconsin might be worth the drive - it's 3 hours fro me from Illinois. Might not be a bad drive from Minnesota.

A nudist trapped living in Minnesota? You have my sympathies, r2.<br />
<br />

You only live once!

you have true freedom <br />
I don't but any chance I get like last week hiking nude felt good seen wild turkeys and stepped on thrones but loved being nude out side I'm going again soon before it gets to cold <br />
but I'm thinking when it snows I should shovel my nude spot in my back yard in the nude<br />
in my book you are a hero

I hope you are able to be naked at home.