I really want to live as woman full time that would be my dream come true.i love dressing in womens clothes and painting my nails and all but it goes further than that in my mind i want to look pretty i have taken female birth control last year would like more to help feminizing me cause it sure is changing my body like some breast growth to my skin is so smooth its just i really dont have my own place i cant just walk around in my comfy clothes i would like a makeover go out get a mani and pedi i so willing to move anywhere i would like to find a person like myself that possibly i could live with im very good person not running from law or anything like that i just want to to be a girl
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Nice thoughts and wishes, Ihope you can realize them soon. kisses

boy like this is something real...... not that you all have vice or anything. that is happening to you all because from birth it was a passion to be a girl. I gather......... wish I could help.....

Your not alone.

In my house with us

Hi I feel the same love everthing about being a girl also would just love to be a girl full time my favourite is lipstick and putting on nail Polish makes me feel so so sexy

I love lipstick too plus i do paint my nails also

Hi it feels so good doing that and than dressing up in something sexy

Yeah :)

Can I relate boy oh boy te he, but ya ever since I can remember I can recall we went to a wedding first fancy do
I went to I had to wear the dam nine yards and a tie &wool vest I looked so Dorothy I was. Cute kid dominion what happened well we showed up OMG! There where these girls
Same age about they looked I cant describe the feeling knowing now wouldn't say turned on but excited and a Hugh feeling of its not right I know I say something to some one

This voice say no only the girls can wear big pink and others fake flowers pined to everyone only men's where small and plan

I feel the same way that's all I want is to be what I always wanted to be and that's a girl but I need a man to help me go threw it all cause it's going to be a life changer but for the best life

just get a job and move out, no need to go somewhere, im sure you could easily do it

I hope you can satisfy your desire

So taking birth control helps feminize and develop breasts? You sound like me...:( that we have to struggle to be or have true happiness cause finally all the pleasures like wearing well I always had smelly stuff..be totally shaved..I so can't wait to go grocery shopping in my denim skirt...I have to wait still...

I wished i could live with someone with same interests

You're very brave! Good girl! I wish you the best. Feel free to write me whenever you want to chat girly stuff. Hugs

If you need someone to talk to message me

Give it time you will find your special someone