All I Ever Wanted (part 2)

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When I was young I wanted to live life as a girl.

Now that I am older, all I really want to do is live life as a woman.

After all that is who I am ... a woman born transexual.

Yes I have this birth defect see, an extra ammount of unwanted stuff between my legs.

But I will not let that stop me from being me.

Right now I can't truely be myself because of the rsponsibilities I have from living life as society said I should.

As I said before, when I was young, my Mother knew and helped me to be myself at least part of the time. Often, especially when out of school. she was always afraid that someone might hurt me (physcially) or worse because of who I was ... so it was somewhat of a secret.

A girl hiding in plain sight. Still that way today ... a woman hiding in plain sight. I let the inner woman in me reign, she has guided me well ovr the years.

Yes, I wish I could come OUT and be a woman full time. Wearing lovely dresses and cute skirts and blouses/tops every day, along with nylons and heels. On somedays and/or some occassions form fitting blue jeans/slacks and flats.

Of couse purses, jewelery and other excessories ... like the pierced ears I have always wanted.

In tthe obvious ways I am still a woman hiding, but in plain sight. My feelings, emotions, mannerism, etc are feminine (always have been). Got some looks over the years, some bad/threatining but mostly okay.

One day I will dress, live and love as the woman I have always been.

Josie06 Josie06
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4 Responses Jul 13, 2010

I know that feeling all to well. Doesn't it feel absolutely wonderful to dress...Mmmmmm<br />
You can get away with wearing women's jeans. They feel so much better than men's. My biggest problem is finding the right length.

Dear Josie, we are kinda in same boat.

we think the same

Again, {{{HUGS}}} Josie, my sister.