Going Full Time Again...this Time For Keeps.

I jumped into EP pretty big because I've been thinking about making a change. I live a very effeminate life - makeup and the like. I still wear skirts on a regular basis, and of course blouses are an easy thing to wear a lot of the time.

Years ago, I lived as a woman but stopped when I started losing my hair and realizing the intense feeling I had for this woman I worked with. We got married, but I maintained a very womanly manner - I never stopped acting as a woman. My wife, who admitted at the time to being bisexual, was fine with it.

I got involved in EP because I thought it would be helpful, since I was thinking about living as a woman full time again, but this time, to see it through to its logical conclusion. I'm going to become a woman. My wife suggested this from time to time and it's certainly something we've talked about at length when it comes up. I've never opposed it, it just didn't feel like it was the time for it.

Tonight at dinner, with my sister and her husband, my wife and I announced that in April, I was going to start living as a woman full time again. I've already been to a physician, I've started hormone therapy.

I've been to a clinic in Rochester NY, (Haben Practice for Voice and Laryngeal Laser Surgery) and on March 14th, I'm getting my vocal folds shaped to change my voice to be more like a woman. By then, the hormone treatments will have their effect and I can more easily pass as a woman.

Then, shortly after Easter, I'm going back to living as a woman. This time, I'm going to see it through to the end. I hope to have my SRS next spring at the latest. Usually, you have to live as a woman for a year, but because of my history, the doctor said we can probably go sooner. My name is still Mary Beth, as I never changed it back, so that eliminates one of the issues. When I have my SRS, they said they can trim my adams apple back then.

In two weeks, I'm going to have what little facial hair I have removed with lasers.

It's going to an exciting time and something I should have done before. My sister was so excited about it and her comment was, "It's about damn time. Finally, my little sister is going to become a woman." She's something else, you must admit.

I'll keep everyone posted and look forward to hearing your comments as things go. I'll also keep people filled in on some of my past...my therapist said this site would be therapeutic.

Thank you all, and kisses from here.
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We've moved the timetable up some, as I've begun living full time as a woman. It wasn't really a big step,really, since I wear makeup all the time anyway. I just needed a wig and some more clothes is all. I'm still working at the same place that hired me out of school. They hired me as a woman, and I'm just going back to the identity that they hired.

I can't say I saw this coming. But that doesn't matter.
Congratulations! You seem incredibly happy, and that's what counts. For you, being yourself seems to lead you down this path.
You have weaved a fascinating story for us over the past week, and we look forward to following you in your journey and to your filling in the rest of the story of your past.
Thanks for sharing such a momentous decision.