All I Ever Wanted. (Part 1)

I wanted this all through my junior hig and high schoold years. To be a girl!

Go to school in dresses and saddle shoes. Go out on dates with boys!

My Mother knew of my wishes but she said that it wouldn't be acceptable and it would put me (my life) in jeopardy. Some adults didn't treat people like 'me' very well when I was young.

So, Mother and I, we compromised. I got to live in both worlds. Letting many think I was a boy, but wore many items of girls clothing, at school. Nothing to obvious but nice colors and girl cut slacks and pants. Flats, Tennis Shoes and Penny Loafers. Of course white 'Bobby Sox'.

Then being a girl on dates and special occassions with friends that we could 'trust'. Cute dresses and short heels, cardigans, blouses and girls jeans.

And being a girl around the house with my Mother. Helping with the cleaning and cooking, learning make-up and wearing some of her gorgeous dresses and nighties.

Pretty much a girl, a teen age girl ... couldn't hide the likes and attitudes and many emothins from everyone. Pretty much a girl hiding in plain sight.

Yes, I wanted to live full time as a girl then ... just being myself with everyone. Not just the friends who knew and accepted.

 For school the blue.  Hip huggers For fun, the pink.

A special date. Teen school clothes

Other times. Jeans
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School isn't the place to be doing drag shows in heels and causing unneeded drama and stress for over work parents. Guys wore makeup in school all the time. Its a place for learning. The girls that treated school as a popularity contest and a fashion show all the time, we're the dumbest people on campus. They're all beat up and ugly now.


well Josie I think your great nice to meet you gun

Yes I have wanted to live full time as a girl U was busted when I was 15v by my aunt and my cousins but they just thought I was experimenting sexually well now that I am 43 I almost live full time as a woman and I am starting my assessment in to HRT in October so all going to plan I hope to be able to throw out my man clothes within a year


you were really lucky to have a mom like that

I only wish my mother had been so accepting. :(