My Name Is Alasandra...

Last Oct while enjoying my annual bottle of tequila I realized that with the first half of my life gone, I have everything great on the outside and inside I was a barren desert that did not care if I lived or died.

Before the end of the bottle, I admitted to myself that I felt like I was the square peg in a round hole of life. Since Oct I have lost over 50 lbs, been in therapy and have my HRT diagnosis behind me and my first surgery scheduled for the next 60 days. I began loosing my head hair at the age if 17, I now sport a full head of hair thanks to the Hair Club (yes it works wonderfully). Most of my male wardrobe has been given away, I only wear womens lingerie and jeans to work now. For every women's clothing item I buy, I throw one of the male counterparts away. 

My wife understands (can anyone else really understand?) the need inside of me that needs to be released, and hopefully in the next 2 years as complete my transition we will see what happens to the physical side of our relationship. At least she did not run away screaming, we work very well and communication is paramount.

Yes I want to live my life as a girl/woman, after my SRS I will only become on the outside what I feel inside. I am lucky and fortunate enough to have an employer who loves having a diverse workforce, they have told me that in Oct they will try to add a binder to my health coverage that will cover 15 common surgery's and procedures to help solidify my presentation in my new life. 

My family and closest 35 friends and co-workers have all been shared with and I have all of their support. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, I see none in the future that will impede my transition. With the awesome friends I have made here in EP and my resource network (mass has an amazingly awesome resource bank to draw on for women in transition like me.

It is possible and even achievable, I did not believe it when I started last Oct, I am now a believer...

Alasandra Alasandra
51-55, F
3 Responses Apr 15, 2012

If you read my featured story and the comments to it you will read my last 6 months of transition. Thanks for the comments, every day is an adventure if you look at it in the right light.

Well you go for it gurl. I am so happy to hear of a stroy without all the drama. It is onderful and I hope every thing goes well for you.

Congradulations this is a major step in life. I have been living as a female since 1995 but I can't afford to have the SRS. You are so lucky to have a loving wife who understands. Good luck to you and your family.