I've Been Feeling So Bottled Up

Ive been feeling so bottled up. My first feeling is what the hell is wrong with him?! Why do I feel so alone even though he's laying in bed right beside me? Then my next feeling is there is something wrong with me. Have you ever longed for the ways of the past? I miss it so much we were so selfless then. He was so nice and caring and would do anything for me. He'd go to work on an hour of sleep just so he could spend the night with me. Now i ask him to come to bed and he says I'll be there right after this show and falls asleep on the couch. By the time he comes to bed he's to tired for the intimacy he promised. I want to feel cherished again. My
Mind races and I'm left with a low self esteem and the voice in my head yelling at me to toughen up and stop crying. He has no idea how many times ive cried myself to sleep. What wrenches my heart is I just want to feel the love we had and it feels so far away. My thoughts reminisce over old times and I wonder if our best times are behind us.
Allsheis Allsheis
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

It sound to me like your needs are not being met and it does hurt. Have you spoke about how you’re feeling?