Journal Entry 11/30/2012

Today i found myself daydreaming about things i had never, had much thought in before. I realized something though, what if i had no longer seen him as just a friend for a while now i was just too in denial to admit it to myself?...he's been my bestfriend since we were nine, he always finds away to make me smile. Sometimes i wonder if he feels the same way...sometimes i think he does ill catch him starring at me sometimes but then he always look away. I want to tell him i love him, as more than a friend but im just not sure if he we will have a mutual feeling, i feel as if he me. I have waited for him this long, but i cant keep waiting for him everyday. he's just so shy and i don't even know why but i know that if he does feel the same way he will find it in his heart to tell me, i just cant wait forever.
Perfectchild Perfectchild
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Your lucky to have known someone that long and to feel that way about someone. You should tell him. I can see it can be hard it might be because you don't want your friendship to get weird. And, I've yet to meet anyone who doesn't fantasize about being swept off her feet. First, he might feel the same way. Second, if he starts to like someone else you might start...hating is such strong word... him for it. It's a risk both ways, but clearing the air between the both of you would prevent future misunderstandings and missed opportunities. Rooting for you! (^-^)

Thank you! That's great advice!!!