I Need a Tribe.

I have always wanted to live in a commune. I think living amongst a group of people who work together to make food, and talk and have common values can keep the earth alive and make the world more peaceful.

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Though this story thread seems to have sort of fizzled, I hope some others will respond here to my comment. This idea of shared resources, living peacefully on the land with respect for nature and others, an abundant life off-grid, healthy and naturist or at least clothing optional, artistic and creative, spiritual but not religious, in a warm climate far from the "madding crowds"......this can be done. <br />
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It is the only way to keep sanity while still living within this country which, I fear, is headed for collapse. Capitalism is truly at war with democracy. And, the average citizen is undereducated, superstitious (religion) and materialistic. Thomas Jefferson said you cannot have a real democracy unless the people are well educated and taught to exercise reason.<br />
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I am looking for land in northern Florida that might support such a community. I have time, some money saved, and consider this my most important next life chapter. Any sane, kind, respectful persons who'd like to consider joining me give me a holler here or at reef.lizzard@gmail.com. Put naturist commune in the subject line.

i cannot stand the violence and anger of this "real world" full of "normal" people. am looking for a naturist commune to live in and contribute to. anywhere warm because of my fibromyalgia. any suggestions

I am building a commune in India. my email id is sushantkumar.roy@gmail.com I am from India. I am setting up our commune project here. www.communeosho.co.cc check this out

Does anyone k now of any types of communal living in Bratteboro, vt?

I'd like to find a commune I can contribute to. Cooking, gardening, building, repairs.<br />
Living in a corporate controlled world is not for me anymore I think. I tried to manage with it but its getting much harder.<br />
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May peace carry you always!

My maid of honour gave us an original copy of July 18, 1969 LIFE magazine with the headline "The Youth Communes: New way of living confronts the U.S." It is pretty incredible! The pictures are amazing and also makes me yearn incredibly for a commune in today's world. I know it wouldn't be an easy undertaking but peace is a very needed thing in our world today and communal living would be a soul expanding experience.

I want a commune too. <br />
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I think I am going to try to create one. I have no idea how. I just know I need to.

count me in

id like that on a global scale =]<br />
although, obviously in small groups. but not having to retreat into communes. just the whole world that way,.<br />
Anarcho-communism =]