Commune this is the one I was looking at because I like the wilderness.

But there was another one that was really remote and seemed like they had a great time. I sill looking for it.
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I will have to check this place out. TY for sharing.

all it takes is desire...spread the word, keep some contacts with like minded people...i want peace and to live in beauty and nature and just enjoy life...eating the fruits of the earth, looking up with marvel and love at the sky and nighttime sky...using my senses to live as a natural being-away from what has happened to this sacred planet...<br />
it takes people of spiritual passion and love of peace to restore these types of places. They do exist...but for a high monetary fee...which is away from the matrix of who and what we really are. it could will be. keep the desire, keep the dream...keep the peace and it will come.<br />
love you :)<br />
shift to hope-

That is my greatest dream.My commune would be in Norcal Once a week we would all get together for a potluck and everyone would help with cleaning the dishes and making the food at the weekly get together (men included). We would all have a massive garden with all sorts of veggies that everyone would put time into so we could all share. It would be a HUGE piece of property so we could all be far, but,close enough to help eachother out. No-one would have a mortgage because it would be payed for and we would all pitch in to pay the once a year property tax which is too high in Norcal but,with a combined effort we would manage.My biggest dream ever. I wish I could afford to do that.Peace and love,J Pasted from Thumblindice's story. ;)