I Need to Find a Commune

Hello everyone I want to find a commune asap. I am currently living with my son in New Jersey and I am open to any commune anywhere in the US.  Please advise.  Thanks Joanne

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Hi Joanne - I too live in NJ and am looking for a commune as well - Have you found any places - I see now that you posted your post back in 2009 - oh boy

any success? i am looking for a commune after my toxic divorce and disappointment with court system that froze my bank accounts, cost me a business, and doesn't enforce visitation with my children or the 11 court orders my wife violated.

Hi - I too live in NJ and am looking for a commune as well - Have you found any places?

Hi Im in NJ and Im looking for one too..the only one I know that has been around a while and is reputable is The Farm in Tennessee. I dont really want to live in Tennessee though. Have you found anything closer by any chance?

We are in NW Massachusetts - Call if you would like to hear more. We are forming on an established property on 156 acres in the rolling hills. It is beautiful. Some of us are from MA, OR and MI - Call 413-624-5555

Are you up and running?

I Have been trying to find people to live together. its best if everyone has their own deed. one example there is 100 acres forsaIe for 19,500 they will devide it into 5 [20acre] lots. we would need a well and septic. a well can cost $10,000-$15,000 a septic is about $3000.If the mobile homes or travel trailers were close enough we could share well and septic Everyone would need $7,500 Plus your trailer. I want to have electric but. I have lived with out it for 2 years off of batteries and recharging at wallmart or autozone.solarpanels could be used . I would rather find a place with electric i like to run the airconditioner 24/7 in summer. Wecould live almost free off the land chickens for eggs and to eat, goats for milk cheese butter grow a garden.let me know what you think

You're welcome with us! We are working towards getting the land now. Check out my posts add me or however this works (just started today- for the purpose of finding others interested in starting this commune with us)

I know what you mean. I'm 63 and I move from place to place, no family, no friends and would like to live in a commune because of loneliness.

Are you talking bout a community where everyone lives close knit and so on??