My Dream Place

I want to live in my dream place... and I have been trying to make it happen for more than 2 years but it's not working. All I am getting is failure and I don't know why things are not working for me. It's frustrating now because I thought this time it would work. Once again I have to wait for the right time and I don't know when that time will come...  This journey is getting longer.... I hope this delay is for good and in the end I will get to my dream place without any trouble... and then I will start my life once again.... in the way I really want to spend it... but for now I have to wait lil more.. "sigh"... 
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3 Responses May 22, 2012

God, I know exactly how you feel. I'm only 23, but I feel like my life should have started in a different country. I went to Japan for a year-long study abroad, and it made such a profound impression on me that, when I came back to the States, I felt like someone had literally ripped my life out from under my feet. Right now, I'm working so hard to graduate so the next half of my life can begin, but the university keeps changing the amount of credits needed to graduate and so I'm always stuck for ONE more semester than I anticipated. Every day I wonder, "Why am I still here??" and "When I am finally going to be allowed to start my life? I feel like a prisoner!" It's so frustrating...and I try to deal with it and not get depressed...but not getting depressed and angry over it is really hard.

that's sad. BUt hey! You have come this far and you should carry on with your journey with little efforts. I hope you will...and one day you will get what you want.

thank you for this comment.... i am just waiting for the right time but i also believe things lose charm when its too late... I need to get there RIGHT NOW but my Time is not Right now... :(( anyways thanks once again...

I had the dream no money , now im on disability and i inharited alot of money and baught my dreaam home my dream life the dream will come get you when it is time just hold it deer and always neear