In My World

In my world every one has money, money for food money for shelter and money for clothing made only of natural fibers of course so no one has iritated skin.
In my world there is no wars no violence at all because there is no need for it why fight when you can hug people respect difference of opion as just being a quirky part of nature.
In my world our childrens rolemodels are people who strive to make a difference
In my world there is not such thing as disease children dont die of cancer that would be ridiculas our bodies and our hearts can stop anything nasty from getting in.
In my world everyone has a right to an education and its free
in my world the grass is always green and the sky is allways blue there is no sadness we are protected from it we are ammune
In my world i do is forever and people dont go back on there word
childen and adult can live there life with out fear

Of course this is my fantasy world but hey if you want to come in for awhile and take a break from real life you are always welcome

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There was an anonymous writer back about 100 years ago who believed in this. She's called Eve Wilson but we don't know her real name because her family was ashamed of her for having to go out and work for a living. (The inheritance all went to her brothers, and her older sister married and took the house and all the material goods). She managed to snag a pretty good job which she held for about 12 years until a new owner came in and uhhh "downsized" everyone there. She died a few months later. <br />
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<i>The Notebooks of a Woman Alone</i> were edited by Mary Geraldine Ostle, a distant relative who ended up with the books, and published in 1935 and are undeservedly forgotten. And what's in there is just exactly this kind of thing. If you were God, how would you run things? For instance, Eve thought the sh8ttiest jobs would be the highest paid.<br />
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When you are alone, helpless and a nothing even to your own family, sometimes creating worlds like this is the best and only thing you can do. And we should all strive to make the real world more like yours, even if it's by a kind word or letting someone ahead of you in line.

Sorry, I can't join you. I could create 100 worlds like that but what would be the purpose; they aren't real. This one is real and I want to work to make a difference here. That is what matters.

Um.....can I buy a home there?....I'm looking for a 4 bedroom house with a large back yard with lots of trees. = )<br />
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Wonderful story, sugar pop!