Fantasy World Is A Real World And God Proves It

in the reality world that we live in now all things that existed from imagination can exist.

when I was a younger man, say in my teens I had a fantasy about many forms of other beings other then human beings or human species of people I could see people with sharp pointy ears coming from other planets and solar systems many of these beings existed on cold dark and desserted planets just like earth and these beings were beautifull and they had many other beings that existed upon them and humans had nothing to do with it.

then I fantasised about goblins and demons and all sorts of other beings finding out I was mentally ill and had a false beleif in what I was beleiving.

I saw grey people as well and hooded dark beings and they had pointy ears but I beleived these beings were not man or woman as human men and women.

then thats when saw one of the fallen angels satan who was totally sending spirits to deceive me and lie to me about all sorts of things I had sleep paralisiss and a darker hooded being touched my leg I felt there was a doorway that led to the fantasy world I know satan did it to me because there were many spells and illusions set unto my mind I beleive it was darker spirits that sent me those illusions in my mind and I know what satan is.

satan is the master of fantasy he is the king of illusion he is the master king dark prince of witch craft and ritualization and all oracles and spiritual doorways are open of this world not from this world.

when jesus christ stood into my life I feel he healed me from these darker forces of nature so what I saw proves that darker nature is witchcraft nature is a fantasy world that is so far then what this world could ever prove.

jesus is the creator the truth while satan is a fantasy creator satan the highest dark angel created fantasy so that demons could manifest and possess mankind for eternity unless we have the power of christ within our hearts we can eject fantasy and get back to reality world.
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You need help.

You mean this world we live in now isn't strange enough for you?