An America Free Of Progressives!

I hate these progressive control freaks, wanting to take all our rights away, I mean you can't buy a damn goldfish in San Francisco? WTF over? We can't drill an oil well or build a coal fired power plant , so we are dependent on foreign oil & subject to rolling brown outs. It does not have to be this way, we have the resources right here Oil, natural gas & coal & more but, we choose to let others decide for us not to use them. I want to live in a Libertarian America where progressives are afraid to show their faces!  Ban ****** bleeding heart reality show like whale wars! Quit with the global warming nonsense. Beat the hell out of PETA. Support  the 10th amendment if you don't know what the that is you need to read it NOW! Don't support that clueless fraudulent communist living in OUR Whitehouse or his pinko agenda. Do I sound like a angry white male? I am. I'm pissed off & I'm not taking it not now not ever.
Tfarmer Tfarmer
46-50, M
2 Responses Jul 24, 2011

I couldn't agree more. The latest scheme from BHO (I will NEVER refer to that lying piece of **** as the president) is to get his communist cohorts and the media to continuously refer to tea partiers, conservatives, and anyone else that speaks out against him, as "Radicals" and "Terrorists."<br />
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That is so much bull ****! The terrorists in this country all draw a government paycheck!<br />
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The purpose of course is to keep planting that idea in the minds of the mindless so that when BHO, or his successor, declares martial law, curtails constitutional law, and begins 'detaining' known conservative leaders, the sheeple will believe it's being done in everyone's best interest.<br />
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**** you BHO! You aren't taking my guns until they're empty!

Amen, brother.