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I find this such a hard question to answer, due to it's simplicity. I nolonger understand what a *free* country is anymore. Does *free* suppose to equal *Democratic* because I nolonger see them as equivalent terms, and perhaps they never were but it was only through age that I started to recognize the simplictic teachings from school to be completely unrepresentative of what I ideally thought *free* and *Democracy* meant.

If a *free*/*Democratic* society means the Iraqi War and the recent sleighing of 33 students at College then, no I do not want a *free* society. But perhaps really the bigger question is not do we want a *free* Society OR do we want Politicians that are honest, trustworthy, and follow through on their often lame campaign promises, but rarely are even the lame promises kept.

I often waunder if there would be a HUGE difference in our *Democratic*/*free* societies were actually lead more by women, would they infact be safer places to live. There is NO mother who wants to see her children go off to war, would women make that decision ONLY after EVERY possible avenue had been examined? Would women allow GUNS to be baught at Walmart? Maybe we would do just as lousy job as the Privleged White Men have done so far, but something tells me I would definately like to see more women involved at least.

Change will never occur until the people in power start to reflect the society they live in which is certainly NOT the case in either the U.S. or Canada; perhaps not in even one country in this world, I can not make that statement because I simply have not done the research to know the answer to that, but if I had to take an educated guess, my answer would be no, there is probably not even one Country in the World, that is governed by a reflection of it's population.

Can you imagine if in Canada or the United States 51% of all politicians were women, how would that shape the countries? Hopefully YEARS from now, we might have that type of representation in our Governments, a Government that truly reflects the ciizens that live in the country, not just women.

So I know that I will never see what I feel is either a *free* or *Democratic* Society and I seriously doubt my children will BUT I can always hope that my great, great, great Grandchildren might be privleged to see that type of Government and at that point I would be fascinated to hear their answer to this exact qustion!!

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The only time that we will truly be free is when we get rid of central banking. The US is only free on paper. We and all other countries are OWNED by the Central Bank(in our case it is the Federal reserve.) Our governments borrow money from the Fed to pay back the intrest that is attached to the money previously borrowed to pay our salaries. To be truly free we must get rid of all central banking institutions and outlaw all intrest banking.

The only time that we will truly be free is when we get rid of central banking. The US is only free on paper. We and all other countries are OWNED by the Central Bank(in our case it is the Federal reserve.) Our governments borrow money from the Fed to pay back the intrest that is attached to the money previously borrowed to pay our salaries. To be truly free we must get rid of all central banking institutions and outlaw all intrest banking.

Won't it be grand? The day that our schools have all the money that they need and the Air Force has to have a bake sale to buy a new fighter jet???

US ,'' the country of freedom of speack'', isn't true, I was feeling that if I speak ...all I was doing it was to hurt myself becouse I belive in freedom. <br />
I realise that I am diffrent , not more good or bad, just in the wroung place.<br />
In the only place in the world where ''people are living for theyer <br />
dream''<br />
I was living ....but a bad dream.<br />
SO the people make the place, the people make the peace...<br />
....people make people ...helping me may cost your freedom.

I agree.<br />
What it is important to us, it can be important to all of us, but do all know that ?<br />
<br />
And I am sad to say, I think will never be a free world , will never be happy people the people how see happynes in mony. <br />
<br />
And all of them, people how need to hurt others will do bad for themself.<br />
<br />
I work for mony, like everyone.<br />
YOU may work more than others and you may be payed less, becouse you are from an other country...<br />
<br />
the freedom , is a dream for they how let themself dream,<br />
the freedom it is made for them, how have the power<br />
THe power is in your maind, the freadom it is in your heart, <br />
YOu will be hurt becouse you live in a free world and there are living others<br />
. Do they all love you?<br />
Do you love them all?<br />
we have no time for freadom , but we can give freadom ...<br />
Before we use the hurting voice to make us listned , we all must be free.<br />
Before we use the mony to hurt people, we all must give someone to eat.<br />
Before by .... , must try to bild houses for homeless.<br />
We have freedom to do good and bad what we chouse?

Well first off I want to say sorry for what happened to you. It is something that you never completely get over.<br />
<br />
I agree with you. Screening what your kids do is what they used to do and things were not this bad. And the conversation afterwards is perfect. They might hate it but they see where your coming from. It is too bad that your kid didn't have the supplies. I remember my teacher telling me the text book costing $60. Thats a lot of money. The best thing to do is find a friend who has one and partner up. I saw a entire bible in USB form. It cost like six bucks. All things should be done like that. Or at least for the people with a computer. Cheaper and more continent. They should even make cheap little viewers to take along. If so many kids can afford cell phones they can afford that. And for the ones that can't can use the books. Or you can attach the viewers to the desk. You know it is heading that way anyway so why not take baby steps now. You can even take college courses online now, so why not. Lol, sorry for going all techno on you. I like my gadgets. :)<br />
<br />
The government is important because the look after our problems when we are doing our other work. But they take on too much and can't deliver. Time to think of a new system because it ain't working. Our biggest problem in this world is money. People need a lot of it because people don't want to share. The more money you have the better you are treated. (I mean places you can go and nicer things to buy.) It is distributed unevenly. Look when the NHL had to close for a while because every one wanted more money. The still played but for less than they were making. If they can live a great life, there is no need to ask for more money. If no one wants to cooperate the government is limited on what they can do. They only jobs that should pay more is the ones no one wants to do. The government lets people get more than they deserve. <br />
<br />
Compete freedom would be great but you need people with good morals and understanding. That means people need to know right from wrong. Until that happens you will never live in a free country.

Nobody's rant would upset me at all with regards to what I posted. As i said it is far too complicated question that could never be wasily answered. I agree that we need to REALLY focus on our children. As a parent it is my MOST important job to ensure that they grow up with values that ADD to our society as opposed to taking AWAY from our society. My children KNOW that the current trend of clothing is simply NOT acceptable and they will NOT wear it while they live under my roof. Also with regards to the music they listen too, I PRE-SCREEN anything they want to listen too, and if it is derogratory to ANY ONE it is banned from our home. Now does that stop them from indulging them in listening to it with their friends, probably not, i'm not that naive, but when I BAN music, movies and video games I dont just say SORRY, not here. We actually have a lengthy conversation about WHY they cant play certain games, and why some music is not ok due to LYRICKS, what words, even though people might use them are TOTALLY inappropriate and because I was raped how important the word NO is. I guess my frustration with the government is they constantly, around election time, REPEATLY state that children are our future then once elected it seems that all their statements were nothing but rhetoric. Our society simply by their actions PROVE to us that children, in their eyes are not even people. My son came home from school a few weeks back and told me he had a test in history the next day, so when I said, OK lets get to it, he informed me that he couldn't study. When I asked him why, he told me by the time he got to the text books for this course they were all gone!! The school did not have enough money to purchase the amount of books needed so that each child in his class could take home a book to study. Now what does that say about our school systems and the value of children getting an education!! I agree with you, maybe women would NOT do a BETTER job, but my REAL point was, until our Government Officials start to reflect our population then how can the issues that keep being swept under the carpet, so to maintain the status-quo, ever change the Country that we live in whether one wants to call it *free* or *Democractic*? I would be curious to see if you agree with ANY thing i said and if you don't TRUST me I will NOT be offended as I truly believe that opposing views is what challenges our own opinions and may infact change our opinions, so I welcome opposing comments, for me it allows me to examine my opinions and learn from others. Now that for me is what *free* is all about.

Whats wrong with Canada? Anyway, it is the people that abuse the term free country. It is the everyday people that need to be taught from right to wrong. Kids are out of control and parents don't crack down on what their kids are doing. I know the Virginia Tech shooting has stirred a lot of issues. But if we are just going to let children grow up the way they are, all I can say is be prepared for the worst. Common look the way they dress. In the next century the won't even cover up. The media tells them what life should be like. Just like that dumb song that tells people need to take their close off to have a good time. Some people may brush it off as just a fun song but others have fun dancing to it and it leads to worst things. We have to do our own share. We always look for the government to take care of us but when will people start doing their share to make the world a better place. It is only when a major problem arises that we want to do something. We have now got to do more than what had to be done in the past. I doubt anyone wants to. The want the government to take care of them. People complain but they do it amongst them selves or small groups. <br />
<br />
Women won't make a difference. I can't help to see they are getting just as bad as men are. They will see how their life is and think it was all good and fun. They would only deal with the major issues. The kids are our future but they are corrupted like most. Sorry for my rant. If I offended you or anyone else, Sorry!