If Only Bush Wasnt President.

If only Bush wasnt president.
We dont truely have freedom of speech nor freedom of religion.
main cause of war is religion.
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I live in America. Bush invaded iraq for oil. 9/11 was supposedly done by iran so why did we go to Iraq. Thank you for being a closed minded person Mother.

Amen Sister Shelly.<br />
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Please get everylike minded person you know to vote. It is terrifing to think of what will remain of our Constitution if we do not put someone who respects the rule of law in position to nominate the next several Supreme Court justices.<br />
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The Constitution is the ONLY thing in the oath of office that the president, our house and senate members, and those comprising the judicial brance are explicitly sworn to uphold. They've done a dismal job so far.

Excuse me, what country do you live in?