I Want to Live In Usa

My name is Jason, I'm 31 years old from Vienna, Austria.
All my life I heard about the great American country, and always wanted to visit there. On my 25th birthday I decided to go for it, and went there for a 3 months trip. If it's possible to fall in love with a country, that's what had happened. The landscapes, the people, the ladies... and all those opportunities! I really didn't want to come back home. Austria seems so boring now...

But I'm home now, still dreaming. Registered to the green card lottry for the past three years, but failed to win. This year I registered with a company that helps you fill out the forms, called usafis (google or click here - http://www.usafis.org/_sys/?af=tagm They seem to know what their doing, right?) - It cost some money, it's not free like the lottry, but I hope they'll help me win it, finally. I want to live there so much.

Anyway, just wanted to share. Thanks for listening, guys. Hope I'll be back in a few weeks to tell you I'm moving there... :-)

- Jason.

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6 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Me 2,I REALLY want to. I'm in love with USA.but what can I do?nothing :(

I live in America..and it is not all that it is cracked up to be!! Wanna switch? Ha!

how lucky you are. i really want to live somewhere free that will respect my freedom to choose my own religion or my own clothing<br />
<br />
hatw my country

I have the same goal. I'm waiting for the next October to register for the green card but I'm not sure about such companies who help you to win. They might help to ease the procedures after you win but not before. The special about USA that you can meet your dreams no matter who you are no matter who you've been.

Sandrin - Italy is a nice place also, but I was never a fan of pizzas... :-)<br />
<br />
hippyheart - It just feels like I'm suffocated here. The government is corrupted, crime in the streets, wrong people in hugh places... everything. I know that it happens everywhere, but it seems that in the US it is, I dont know, LESS than anywhere else.<br />
<br />
PuzzleGuy713, thanks for visiting. I too think that Obama is better than Bush. Hey, even a cup of tea is better than Bush, right? :-)

Hi Jason, I'm Sandrin.<br />
Good luck on your quest, hope you make it.<br />
I heard about that company, I heard good thing about them. Hope it'll help you make your dreams come true.<br />
Personally, I'd like to live wither in USA or Italy. :-)