I Don't Know If True Freedom Even Exists In This World

It probably won't as long as we have money. Socialism is the closest I've heard tell of to freedom, and so many people think it's opressive, why? Whatever thier reason(s) it just makes me think all the more that true freedom doesn't exist. Is the human race even capable of what it takes to let others be free?

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I think the problem is not money, or corruption. I think the problem with living in a "free country" has to do with too many people.

Anthropology tells me that the smaller the society, the more people care for each other. People are expected to do what they know how to best, and pull their own weight, yet everybody takes care of everybody.

I think that with a country the size of America, socialism and communism arent realistic because unless you can see and know the people that you are sharing with it is meaningless. I think it can dehumanize people whereas it was meant to push them to thrive and grow.

The USA is pretty much a mild socialist country. We have been heading that direction for a long time.

I would say that we have all been propaganda'd into accepting the idea of communism. How can anyone like it. They take away all of your freedom and if you don't like it they kill you or send you to a prison camp where do die of starvation.

Communism is exactly the opposite of everything it claims to be.

that's the plan, anyway

Easier said than done.

The reason socialism has SUCH a bad rap is that many people, at least in the US, mistakenly associate it with communism, which we've all been propaganda'd into fearing since we were little.

If you ask me, the problem is not the money, but a combination of power distribution and totally messed up priorities among the populace. How many people never stop to think about how they're medicating themselves into an apathetic stupor when they have that new, massive, 80-inch plasma TV the bought on credit to keep them distracted?

Whats sad is that until the average citizen decides things ain't right and stands up for what he/she believes in, true freedom is never going to happen.

So I guess all we have to do is rally the sheep to mutiny against the wolves and shepherds.

agreed. I wonder though how are we could go to aleviate disease without money and power conflicts. I bet we could totally irradicate disease.

i think what we really want in the end is utopia. not a perfect world, but a perfectly selfless society with all the usual issues of desease, death, and personal conflict, but without war or bigotry

I agree, true freedom does not exist anywhere in the world. And I totally agree - it is the money that is the problem.

I think a certain brand of socialism is the true freedom but the socialism in the world today stifles freedom. It uses the power of government to make people fit into molds.

The brand of scoialism that I referr to is called "The United Order". It operates on the principals of love and agency. First of all nobody has to belong (unlike socialism that we now have), you join voluntairly. Secondly everyone donates their property for the benifit of the group and takes back only that which they need. It must be done on the principal of selfless love. People are totaly free to inovate and create as they please and there is no such thing as poverty.

Only a righeous and good people can be totally free.