What Would Jesus Think?

{Someone asked a very good question about Jesus in the Q & A section the other night. They asked if  he would approve of the modern day construct of himself. I was fascinated with the question & had to type out my thoughts & opinions. Below is my response to this question. You don't have to agree with the things i've said. In fact, I encourage you share your own thoughts & opinions. Enjoy~}

I think Jesus was the first hippie. He was a very intelligent human being. So much so, that the people during that time, thought he wasn't human. They thought he was perhaps a deity in human form.

I think Jesus was someone who had a very deep, meaningful philosophy.  A philosophy that was considered ground breaking & earth shattering at the time.

Over time, after his crucifixtion & passing, human beings have told his story in ways that made since to them. That's why alot of details of his story doesn't make sense. Especially to us modern day people.

I don't think jesus would like the modern day construct of himself. He would be much like Neo in the Matrix films. Someone who is constantly calling his GOD- like status into question.

He would not be happy with all of the wars that have been & still are waged in his name & he would hate discrimination of any kind.

I don't know. Just my thoughts. You don't have to agree.

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5 Responses Apr 22, 2010

I completely agree. The thing is, I am a Buddhist, so obviously I am not of the Christian faith. But if Christianity actually followed Christ I would probably want to be one. The thing is, "True Christians" as they put it, don't follow Jesus at all. Jesus was all for helping the poor, and peace, he wouldn't vote republican, be homophobic or racist or sexist! I don't think jesus would even own guns. I agree, thanks for pointing it out.

We have come far as a world of people. <br />
<br />
We have far to go.<br />
<br />
Before I go further, let me state I believe Jesus is real and livng. I believe he is still working on us.<br />
<br />
I think he would be happy with how far we have come. We as a world no longer accept slavery. We generally respect country borders and always reject genocide. We have the most respect we have ever had of Gods wonderfull living Earth and we are begining to have the knowledge that will help us understand just how precious and intricate it is.<br />
<br />
We generally respect peoples right to be left alone.<br />
<br />
He would again have words for our most religious leaders but he would do so to push them...<br />
<br />
We still have much more loving to do. More love for God and more for our neighbors

I too agree with you... I think with the turmoil in the Catholic Church at present , He would be very unhappy.

I agree, in that Jesus would be more than surprised to see what have become of his image.<br />
<br />
I say, my fellow Christian and I should be more careful in our conduct and the borrowing of his name.

I agree with you but i also beleive that he lives in the hearts of good people and there actions and i beleive he lives in my heart,i hope he does and when i say good people i dont mean how the system defines them.<br />
That is one of the best questions iv seen.<br />
<br />
<br />
Keep the faith of goodness peace and equality no matter what religion you might be..