Embracing All And Everything (crystalized Chrysanthemums)

No more. I'm tired of being told that I have no permission by others to fall apart or to go away into that dark and stormy night and besides what you resist comes back to you. As a mystic if oyu avoid the dark night of the soul you'll just get dragged kicking and screaming into it you can etiher embrace it and watch it dissolve away or resist it and hate every minute of it so if one must fall apart why can they not be allowed to grieve? if poart of that grieving is airing their feelings to others then why?

why can others not stay centered and strong through the eye of that storm?  and the community-btw-resist even having to face that.so it gets it over and over. This is letting go, Truly letting go. If it is as such I embrace my loneliness my pain my lowest lows my agony and my shame....http://www.find-happiness.com/what-you-resist-persists.html

you want a TRULY profound spiritualism then those are my crystalized chrysanthemums....

embrace of all and everything. for if we do not embrace this path we will be doomed to face it over and over and over....

Your mind is a powerhouse, and its positive focus will fuel you. But mental-emotional stubbornness is stagnating: spiritually stifling. Embrace is innovative: spiritually engaging. The genius of embracing everything is that it requires less effort than you’d think — there’s less friction, fewer obstructions. And it liberates you to engage in what matters most, and deserves far more of your love and attention. let it be said that we should forgive ourselves for our pain, but we should hold too that we never should have held such against oursevels to begin with. that no wrong or foul was ever comitted and that all are innocent beyond postive and negative...or good and evil...or duality of any kind  that is where the truest hope of all lies. That hope could be found in our weakness. This is what I believe. Life will have it's way with all of our pride so we had best take it like men, regardless of wether we are men or women. Change is coming, like it or not. I embrace change. If rains bring winds of change Let it rain upun us forever. If it brings tears then let the tears flow. If it brings purging let us purge. If it brings fammon let there be fammon. If it brings death let there be death. Let it destroy our pride let our pride be done. If we feel shame then let us fee shame and forgive that we feel it. IF we must feel wrath let us tear eachother apart until we feel th eneed to forgive each other, to hunger for each other again, and then let us find each other. If we feel love then love. If we feel affection then give it.  Let all this resistence end. Surrender to the Divine flow. 


I am beyond good and evil.
ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Sep 6, 2012