No You Don't Want To Live Here

Chicago is the worst. Absolutely the worst. Now in the summer I won't argue, but in the summer, there are a lot of girls THAT WON'T TALK TO YOU. But girls come out the woodworks, and they won't say a word to you. They will hang with their click of 3 or 4 girls in a group. But the thing is, they aren't going to talk to guys. Most of the girl here walk in 2's. So you know they aren't going to talk. The girls in Chicago, will walk past you in a second, and they actually see you, they would avoid you at all costs. I have spoken to girls in the park, and they act like they don't hear me. I am like while, and don't try a decent girl here, because they would just run from you. Well the only worse thing, if there were more males than females, then I would leave this city immediately. Basically in every car I drive-by, there is a dude lonely, because he's always looking out the window, and the girls, you look at them, they cut their eye, wondering why you're looking at them, and ease forward. My worse experience, with a girl was at Chicago State, and it was the end of the day, she was nice-looking, and she was walking behind me, and then she started to pass me, and I spoke as she did, she gave one of the blank stares, and kept on walking, and in fact she walked off the sidewalk to avoid me. I just don't what it is.

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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

See, I don't know, sometimes. Because some caucasian folks that live in the suburbs think of me as a thug. Now I know wearing a big black jacket don't help the situation. But consa, can you enlighten me, on why people have those stereotypes, and what I can do about them? I just want to understand everything. I know I am a big guy. And with a big coat, can be very scary. I am 6 feet tall. Why I have to be tall and fat, right now. I wish I could lose some height, shrink a little. I used to see beautiful gorgeous girls, 3 years ago. I mean these women, would make you say mmmm. Now I see girls that run, get very paranoid. Is it because of the movies they watch. It is like they see this 6 foot 3, 300+ pound guy, and they run for the hills. Am I too big and too tall for these wonderful women. I miss being 19, 20, and 21. I am telling you, consa, I am paying for how I used to avoid women. I am paying big time. Now my father friend is getting older, and they don't have the energy to go girl hunting anymore.