London Is My Favourite City In The World

London is my favourite city in the world (that i have visited so far!). I love the hustle and bustle, people everywhere all the time. I love dodging people in the streets and the fact that everybody is always in a rush even if it's 3 in the morning. I can just picture myself living there being a part of it all. I remember back when i was in secondary school we were on a trip to london for a few days. We were on a packed train on the outscirts of the city but you could see all of the big shiny buildings, the evening sunlight reflecting off of the massive expanse of glass that coated the beautifull buildings. I was so in awe of it all so jealous of the people who got to experience the city everyday. My face was pressed up against the cool safety glass of the train window and thats when i first realized that i wanted to live there. I have been back many times since, seen all of the sights and still can't seem to get bored with it all. Sometimes when i can't sleep at night I lie and think of what it would be like, I imagine my studio flat right in the centre, the layout of my furniture, even the food I will eat.

Basically I REALLY REALLY want to live in London. :-)
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I love London. I would love to live there for the rest of my life, but sadly I still have to wait until I'm older. I was there once for a week and my gosh, it was amazing! I loved everything there, it was just so much more! I can't wait till I can go there again and hopefully make it a permanent move

I too hope 4 something, but life is designed such way that none of us could possibly remain happy forever

When I'm unable to sleep, I keep fantacising about being with person i had crush on and I have no hint that when I'm asleep

Are you serious?

Why not?!? šŸ˜®

I love London, too! So far I have been there more than 10 times! Like you, my dream is living there. I love Tokyo as well, so my ultimate goal is having the two residents, one is in London and another is in the central Tokyo! <br />
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The reasons I love living in London is its character with in depth culture and history. It has a lot of greensā€¦that makes me so relax. I donā€™t mind its climate, by the way.