I Do!


Yeah, I do live in NZ... but its pretty much the same as the rest of the English speaking western world.

Although the other day, in my professional capacity as a telemarketer, an American woman told me that it's like the 70's here and.

"Don't get me wrong, I loved the seventies,"

So Im left wondering if our isolation puts us that far behind. At least I'm up with the 'future-tech'. Got my palm-pilot and Mp3, BB etc... I guess I'm way ahead of my fellow countrymen.

Anyway, I would like to live in the states.

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3 Responses May 14, 2007

Whangarei! So sort of makes sense.<br />
I still think that all of us in English Speaking western world are pretty much interchangeable, I could live in Boulder, Colorado just as easily as Manchester...the only problem is the accent and different people. I would find it pretty difficult adjusting to France.<br />
Anyway, sending a friendship invite to my new Kiwi Mate, may we walk around going ‘mate mate, we are pure NZ! Lord of the Rings! Lord of the Rings! No.8 wire, do-it-yourself…’ <br />
Because, Um, that’s what we do.<br />
As well as being flightless birds.

Ha! You think I can just hop off this island? Sure, lets do a trade :)

so let's trade for a month and see what becomes of it... lol I can't get out of Florida how the heck will i get all the way there.