I Want To Live In The 1980s

Okay so this is something i have been interested in for a long time now.

i am a majorly big fan of 1980s memorabilia. i have always been enthused about the culture and overall style of the 80s. now i have gotten to the point that i feel as if i was born in the wrong time.

i have always liked most things from the 80s when it came to music, film, fashion, cars, and even the architecture of the 80s, but also the cultural norms from that very time period. starting with music. i remember playing the axel foley theme from beverly hills cop on my guitar in my highschool performance and i got laughed at because i was playing a song thats almost 3 decades old, not some comic book remake theme song or some chick flick crap. but i love the music from the 80s, the electronic feel of the synthesiser and the electric drumkit like on Dire straight's money for nothing, or what about the cars and their rock sound with the synthesiser, good stuff. i'm also inspired by prince and his music, and his all female group vanity 6 who were the real sexy when it came to hot music. what happened to the curly hair like what sammy hagar had. i have very curly 80s hair and the amount of times people told me to cut it really makes me wonder why i;m am here in the 21st century. i would even change my curvy 1994 saab gm crap for a nice angular 900 model from the 80s even tough this car is older and isnt as fast. rambo was my motivation for working out and i have now been at the gym for a good 8 months now and still going, i always wanted that rambo look, i dont care what girls think, i workout to please myself not them, which brings me to my next topic, girls. girls seemed so simple at the time and seemed nicer and there was none of that clubbing scene which we have nowadays. i am sick of hearing older people going on about their success stories with finding their future wed at some geriatric disco playing flock of seagulls or some wonderful sexy 80s music coming from a pink lipped babe because i am so jealous of them having a dicso in their time and all i have are those nightclub playing that rap crap non stop. girls today seem so complicated and the good old night at the disco and the movies wont please a girl anymore because men like me have become their doormats. what axel rose, awesome musician before he got those weird dreadlocks, and how curly hair was acceptable, for example rambo, sammy hagar, slash the guitarist, and even young bon jovi. man i love 80s culture but i would be ridiculed and exile from the current social scene because of this. this makes me rather unhappy because i cannot simply express myself as a fan of the 80s because people will think i am a dated, behind loser. even the movies seemed awesome. what happened to good old cop car chase scenes when angular cars would smash through cities and how aviators made cops tough and films showing this raw kind of thrilling action. i wish these days had this stuff. i watched beverly hills cop and fletch and i just loved everything about those two films. but these new movies nowadays seem to be really unoriginal and are done for the money. what happened to the action hero being a man with pecs and biceps and machine guns, nowadays our hero is this skinny, chiseled faced, high-school heartthrob that makes 12 year olds cry and teenage adolescent girls scream. this is bullshit, i hate the current trends and how much it focuses on sexual appeal and money and image. girls back then with wild hair impress me more than the girls of today who walk around fingering their iphones and have a changing handbag. blah, i hate this new ****, i miss the old ****. and what about arnie, remember how he was worshipped as an athlete and accomplished actor, nowadays he is poked fun of just like chuck norris, yes these jokes were funny but they get so old when theres constant jokes about them all the time. geez, i might stop it here but thats my rant. one of my dreams is to live into this small utopian world where the theme is the 1980s. it would be a place for creativity, fun, imagination, girls who dont use phones and like chocolates and disco nights, and men who are friendly, and dont beat up people who drive mustangs and chevys and 1980s angular cars like the lamborghini and ferrari testarossa and stuff like that. and awesome fluoro guitars that have amazing distortion with fast solos and big haired musical geniouses and lots of van halen, michaelangelobatio, poison and their unskinny bop, and even some of the other musical genres of the 80s. okay thats enough. peace out....
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You have no idea,how much I feel you,on this. I too,feel like I am living in the wrong decade! Sometimes,it about psysically hurts,how much I want to live in the 1980s. And to those who may pick on you,for loving what is clearly the best decade ever...tell them to kiss your ***. Never feel awkward about your passion,be proud of it. After all,it makes you happy&that's all that matters&should cause no shame. Who cares what others think,just like what you like. They can't tell you what to like&should'nt give you a hard time,because you like something 'non-mainstream'&'trendy'. I also,find it very hard to relate to 'now days',because it's just so 'ugh!'. I love the movies,music,fashion,people&overall atmosphere of the 1980s. There has never been another decade,like it&never will be. I have much of my home,decorated with things from the 1980s(even the furniture&most other things from back then too,was made better,then todays junk is)&also collect stuff from the 1980s,as well. The 1980s,had style,class&so much more that this crappy decade,does not. I want to be there,SO much!

Thank you for posting this. I want to go back to the eighties so bad it hurts. I wish I had a time machine.

I'm totally with you on this one. I WANT TO LIVE IN THE 80's SO BAD! People had talent back then. I don't look up to the actors and musicians of today. I love actors and bands from the 80s because you HAD to have talent then, not just looks, (but hey, I mean some guy actors and musicians were totally off the wall hot during this decade anyway) The cars were tough, and man would I die to ride in one of them! kids actually played outside all day everyday with a whole neighborhood full of friends. I hate what technology has come to. My friends think I'm so queer cause I hardly use a cell phone. We need to get a group together and build this 80's nostalgic town you're talking about, sign me up!

I totally agree with you. i love the 1980s and desire to one day live like its the 1980s. And dnt think that everyone doesnt agree with you because i agree with you.
and the mainstream music nowadays is superficial talking about things that dont truly matter. Music from the past had a message and a lesson about things in life.

Hi guys I'm Debbie was born in 66 shared my teenage years with the 80's ...here I am 48 years old and still crave for the 80's ...nothing beats this decade ..well to me anyway ..i think you rock ...don't let anyone make you think differently X

I totally agree! And then some!

I feel EXACTLY the same way! I'm sixteen years old and I can't realate to almost anyone because I'm obsessed with the 80's. I say over and over again how I wish time machines were already invented so that I can go back to the 80s and get with Prince (my idol). I've always felt as though I'm in the wrong time period and it's not only annoying, but depressing. I go on rants a lot saying pretty much everything you just said. It's nice to have someone who understands.

I live in the DFW area ..If anybody is like me,loves the 80's,remembers and loves 80's music videos,loves that decade and isn't comfortable with the 21st century and lives in the DFW area,or Kaufman or Crandall area,email me or reply here and let's hang out together./i don't do clubs but i enjoy listening to 80's music watching 80's movies and reliving it in discussion./

my email btw,is junkmail@gmx.tw

That's me dude. We should email

Still everyone has gotta admit that Hulk Hogan was the man and will eternally be! "Whatcha gonna do brother!"

You're the man!May the 80's live forever!If we can't have the 80's back,I would love the world to regress back into a psuedo 80's like state and remain forever.


I was born in 1980 and I can say that growing up in that decade was truly awesome! I only wish my children could have experienced it as well. This is not just ba<x>sed on personal, subjective feelings of childhood nostalgia either. According to a poll taken by the Pew Research Center, the balance of opinion about the 1980s was overwhelmingly positive across all age groups.<br />
There was something different and magical about that decade. <br />
It's difficult to explain but you know that grainy feel 80s movies tend to have. Well, that's what real life was like too. Things seemed darker and grittier but yet more wholesome and fun.<br />
Toys were better. Movies and TV were better. Music was better. Even the holidays were better. On Halloween, instead of the now typical handful of teenagers, most neighborhoods were literally crawling with little trick or treaters. Remember the hordes of costumed children in the trick or treat scene in E.T.? You just don't really see that anymore. Some of the dads would even turn their garages into haunted houses. Of course, this was before filing frivolous lawsuits replaced ba<x>seball as the American pastime. <br />
And at Christmas time, nearly every house on every block had lights. Aerial views of most neighborhoods at night probably looked like giant lite-brites. These days, most kids are lucky if their parents put up a "holiday tree" with the lame white lights. <br />
Also, in the 80s, kids still played outside even though we already had home video game systems like Atari and Nintendo. If that wasn't enough, there were these incredibly awesome places called arcades. Even going shopping with Mom wasn't too bad because the shopping malls had toy stores, arcades and even carnival rides. Now, most indoor shopping malls are long gone and the few survivors have been completely devoid of anything so delightfully kid friendly for decades. <br />
Although I was only 10 years old in 1990, I knew already that somehow something had gone terribly wrong. Then again, I guess it should have been obvious to anyone paying attention that Vanilla Ice, Milli Vanilli and Captain Planet were the first harbingers of an unspeakably appalling suckyness that would soon utterly destroy what was left of American culture. Then the Crystal Pepsi commercial came out in 1993 and I wept bitterly, realizing that the golden age was officially over.<br />
I don't get it, Doc. I mean, how can all this be happening? It's like we're in Hell or something. - Marty McFly

This kind of thing makes me jealous. I'm so happy for you that you could grow up in the 80s though

I'm hearing you Marty ..

Wow... I've been quoting that line from BTTF for years...I feel like I'm stuck in the "Hell Valley" from the wrong timeline. I noticed things going to pot in the early 90s too... I used to mutter "I hate the 90s" but it's actually gotten worse. :( And almost every ref to the 80s is ridiculing...it's hurtful. I'm going to go watch some of The Equalizer and Miami Vice and just to feel better.

First and foremost: People, be happy with the time you live in. Make the most of it! You will only be a teenager once, and don't you want to remember this, the year 2013, as your time? I hope you do, for there is good and bad in every decade.

That said, I was born in 1969 and am very grateful to have been brought up in the 1980's.

Technology then was fresh, not as overwhelming, and an Atari or a Commodore 64 was considered hot stuff back then.

Musically, I don't think there will ever be another decade like the '80's. There was something for everybody: New Wave, synthesizer rock, hard rock (Def Leppard!), metal (Iron Maiden, man), the beginning of hip hop, superstars like Michael Jackson and Prince, the great vocalists (Sting, Daryl Hall, Whitney), you name it. I absolutely adored the Cars and Depeche Mode and still do. Don't forget Live-Aid, which was larger than life. Then there was MTV that started! Awesome! I listened to American TOP 40 every week, LOVED Kasey Kasem!

Movies: Brat Pack was it. If you want to see two movies that best exemplifies what the 80's were about then I would watch 'The Breakfast Club' and 'ferris Bueller's Day off', both directed by John Hughes. He understood perfectly what being a teen in the 80's was all about. TV: great shows, Growing Pains, Family Ties, Magnum P.I., Miami Vice

Fashion: weird, for sure, dorky, but with energy and personality. There was no dress code. When they talk about the me-generation, it also meant that you were allowed to be who you wanted to be.

Those are just a few points, but they were honestly good times, and I'm glad I was a part of it.

Peace out.

some of the 80's cheese movies were sooo great..fright night 1 and 2..night of the creeps..(not a cheese movie but "the thing" starring kurt Russell)..Transylvania 6500(jeff goldblum),vibes(Cyndi lauper and jeff goldblum)..//one great thing about the 8o's..nobody cared if you were a Christian unless you were out right being pushy..even though I'm a Christian,as I was even then,i was enjoying all the 80's movies and HBO for sure.//.and of course the talking heads and bangles and all the rest of the groups that were popular./my friends that weren't Christians didn't care that I was and I had the best times of my life back then..nothing could top,sitting with friends and watching MTV or playing Nintendo and Atari was around as well.//it didn't take much to have fun in those days.just hanging out and talking was a blast.going to the lake ona sunny day and bringing your radio listening the current pop and rock was totally fun..that word isn't tossed around much today..fun..it's becoming extinct// it was extremely easy to bond with someone back then to become friends with them.the kind of friend you could share secrets with each other that just you two knew about. and because of that ,friendships were easily made and built on.//unlike today//.this is one thing I miss about the 80's./today ,if you share too much with someone they're likely to start gossip or somehow ruin your rep or even cause you to get your butt kicked or arrested./the 80's was a total different kind of society than 2000 anything.//things changed in the 90's...the mid 90's..once things got hip hop and rap ,society went to hell and back..actually,it's not gotten back yet//I would love to see the 80's bands that are still recording get the proper attention they deserve,but radio stations won't play them.blondie is recording again as well as the cars,the eagles,heart, and more..Fleetwood mac will be getting back together and recording and touring in the spring from what I heard earelier this winter(a couple months ago).stevie nicks said" this is the year for Fleetwood mac"// I truly hope she's correct,as bands that regroup and tour and such usually don't get radio play//that's why the bands wind up touring Europe/they do very well over there like they did here when they were at their peak/.sad ya know!! wish they could geta break here.it's called ageism.any break in the business here is based on age.the notion is that an artist over 40 won't sell to high school kids.again that's sad.
when I heard blondie's panic of girls and the cars cd,move like this I was amazed.blondie sounds like 80's blondie and the cars sound like the cars of the 80's//I miss people acting like they did in the 80's.i miss the fun..as sad as it sounds,i just plain don't have "FUN" anymore//having just an okay time doesn't cut it/

I wish I could meet at least one other person like me that loves the 80's.anyone in the dallas fort worth area? I agree that people today bash anything 80's.thank goodness the cars and blondie and a few other bands still record,but many sell out to the 21st century sound,forgetting it was their 80's sound that sold them and made them successful/blondie came to that conclusion with their newest release(it's obvious).I miss the 80's and wish I had someone to hang with that feels the same way.i hate being the only person for millions of miles(that's what it feels like) that hates the 21st century and loves the 80's.i spend most of my time alone because of it.someone ought to start some kind of 80's group that meets weekly or monthly(hec why not every day) just to hang out and talk everything 80's.my best friend for over 20 years was my cousin who grew up in the 80's but he has since married and moved off and doesn't even keep in touch and for some reason he has lost total interest in anything 80's and accepts just fine the current times.i believe all the 80's bashing he was getting from people forced him to change his way of thinking.people were really being insulting about his attraction to 80's music and long hair(he's even cut his hair which was down past his shoulders.his wife is part of his newly formed behavior and thinking.it sucks.

Hey I feel the same way and I'm in Houston...

i should be considered a 70's person,but i lost most of my interest of the 70's when the 80's and MTV came about in 1981.i feel sooo fortunate to have been in my late 20's and early 30's through the 80's,as if i had been much younger i might not have appreciated it as much at the time,and i was old enough too, that i was living on my own in my own apartment. i tell most people i grew up listening to groups like psychedelic furs,talking heads,missing persons and roxy music instead of eric clapton,jimi hendrix and jefferson airplane(who in the 80's became jefferson starship,finally just starship).i grew up infatuated by both decades(70's and 80's) each during their respective times,but it's the 80's that i'm totally fond of.. a while back i ordered a 12 dvd set of 8o's music videos,each dvd having 31 videos on it.i'd been wishing for years that i hadn't thrown away all the vhs tapes that i'd recorded MTV on.i had a couple hundred tapes that i'd recorded MTV on to and in 1997,i tossed them all in the dumpster thinking they had all gone bad.turned out it was my VCR that was broken,not the tapes.so i was really overjoyed when i found the dvd's for sale online a year ago.i loved the colors of the 80's.everything was about color.the hair,the record covers,the tv commercials,the fashions,the sitcoms(studio props and fashions both usually contained a lot of color).neon signs and lights and advertising in neon colors was real big in the 80's.i loved it,though not as much until later in the 90's and of course the 21st century.as i was living the 80's ,i never expected it to end.i just never thought about the things of the decade ever coming to a close or changing radically.if i'd realised that things were going to be so sucky like they are now,i would've cherished every moment i lived back then,on a daily basis.i totally hate 2000 anything.a few groups in the 21st century have come into being that i have in my collection,like the first three cd's by evanescence.two by flyleaf.some groups have a sound that reminds me of 80's,but very few and only their early stuff like evanescence and flyleaf.the cars are recording again minus benjamin orr who died of cancer years ago.they sound excellent..blondie as well.their newest cd is awesome(panic of girls)/i miss the 80's horribally.what's worse is that i have no friends because i can't seem to meet people with the same interests i have.i'm retired,but i'm into 80's music and music videos and movies(not just 80's but especially 80's) and as a retired person(just turned 58 in september),i hang out at nights in dennys restaurant downing coffee at 2 and 3am and later and my life is filled with sleeping from 6am to 2pm and just hanging out,watching movies,tv,80's music videos..like a teenager i suppose.i never grew up ya know?i have no physical problems so i'm active and even appear to be in my late 30's to early 40's so most people don't think of me as being 58..thank goodness.but also,NOBODY MY AGE likes 80's music and music videos,'nor do they care for hanging out all night and just hanging out.most of them are still working anyway and couldn't do these things if they wanted to.
i'm just not interested in doing the things most people my age do..i'm not even sure what they do really.i hung out with younger people than me for so many years and it's only been since i began to 'look 40ish' that people in the same age bracket i was hanging with for years suddenly didn't want to anymore.i wish i could meet people who are totally in to the 80's like myself,but i've been hoping that for years and no luck,even though i find people online that love the 80's.people were so different n the 80's..happier..hair was cool.everything 'hair' was acceptable and popular.long hair,short hair,pink and blue hair and no hair,feathered hair,teased hair,bear hair...well..maybe not bear hair.i find myself getting depressed as nobody i meet on a one on one cares anything about the 80's.seems like people my age are into the 50's,60's and ,or the 70's.if anyone lives in the DFW area ,that's possesed by the 80's,let's meet.

i loved that response! i am exactly the same as u - i only appreciate music from the 80's, where most musicians wrote their own stuff and didnt have to go on x-factor to get successful. love gary numan n synthesisers and loved the roller discos of the 80's. not just the music, the simple technology and video games, practical fashion like leg warmers and doc martens! i was definitely born at the wrong time as i am an unfortunate child of the 90's/00's =( if time travel were possible, you know where i'd be headed...

wish we could hang out..i recently ordered several music videos collections and I can't believe how many videos I now have,mostly of the 80's//I've been collecting for years but didn't have a lot of the videos that I remembered from mostly 85 and 86,like I want to be a cowboy by boys don't cry and whole of the moon by the waterboys and a few more.i found an online store where sellers are selling music videos by recording their collections on blank dvd and then selling them online for decent prices./I admit that some of the videos are a bit blurry because of their age.but for the most part I've had no problems with the quality.some of the sets include anywhere from 2 to 4 to even 30 dvd's.i bought several sets.one was like 10 dvd's for 40 something dollars.each dvd has tons of videos..one set cost me 110 dollars but has over 1000 music videos.in total I bought 5 sets which in total amount to over 5000 music videos..close to 9000 or more i'm sure.it was completely overwhelming to watch each dvd one by one cause I was in such a hurry to see all of them.i wound up clicking next constantly on my remote just to see what the next video is.none of the dvd's have lables or a paper menu that has the titles.the titles are listed only on the advertisement shown online.i almost wore my dvd player out by just pressing next so many times through all those dvd's.i finally had to give up and just play them.clicking on the next button was getting old as I realized that the dvd player maybe wouldn't hold up to it and that the gears might give out sooner than later.so I gave in and just watched each one as they played.i never got through even a quarter of the videos cause I got so I was skipping so many just to see what the next one was.so in effect I didn't really stop clicking next.it just wasn't one click after another,like click,click,click..i'd wait for a minute or two into each video to click next.i was totally overwhelmed by the number of videos i'd ordered and when they all came I was like a kid in a candy store/.i'm just since a couple days ago,watching each video on each dvd all the way through.this is going to be a real treat./i'm so obsessed with the 80's and how life was back then compared to now days/.I miss the 80's tremendously.i meet very few people who are like me.my cousin is,but he had to move away and now I wish I knew someone else that I could hang with that was like him-totally 80's inspired/.the colors ,the msuc,the fashions/people were soo much friendlier/.1993 and 94 changed it when rap and hip hop and African American attitude and notions became the prominent trends/.before that happened ,people were friendly to each other in grocery stores and everywhere in public.yes the world was what one might call a much whiter place,but it was also friendlier and fun and much more colorful/and the music was oh so sweet!!so cool..so 80's/.all kinds.even the country was better then./just sitting in public like in dennys or going to the grocery store now,like walmart is non eventful.it used to be a fun thing in the 80's because people were so different.clothes were colorful.signs were neon and pastel like the fashions/.malls were incredible with color/I don't know if this text field accept typed email addresses,but mine is junkmail at gmx.tw if ya want to email me

What's funny about this post is that I feel the same way about the 40's-60's (my parents time). My childhood and early teens were spent in the 1980's and it was a great time. The economy was starting to boom, and my parents career's both took off. My Mom was a career Mom with the shoulder pad suits and all. I remember everyone was telling a young girl like me that I could do anything I wanted. This was the time following the women's movement and telling girls they were powerful was big. My Dad was the one who said it most. :) I giggle now at all the fluorescent colors coming out and the styles coming back. They were fun. We liked to roller skate, back then, a lot and I remember my skates were white with fluorescent shoestrings and bright pink wheels. I took gymnastics and always wore my Flashdance leotard with my Panama Jack tshirt over it, tied at the waist, of course.

I've been a hairstylist for 19 years now, and when someone comes in wanting big hair like back then, I know just what to do. My young coworkers like me to teach them some of the old tricks. They're surprised at how much gel we used, but that was the only way to get that hair to stand up on top, back then. LA Looks and Dep gel were all ya needed. Then, mousse the crap out of that permed hair . Spray it until the ozone split wide open and there ya go! ... ha ha

I can see why you would like that time. For me, it was great. It was then that I first met my husband when I was 15. We still love to reminisce about that time, especially when we see teens now trying to emulate it.

Young'uns... It seems like you agree with me, as I LIVED IN THE 80S! You are right! I was born in '66! It was a VERY interesting time! New things just coming on the scene. We still didn't have computers, the Internet, cells phones (and still used CB radios), and the latest thing was the cassette tape... Because I am deaf, I had to ask Dad to make a call to my friend's to see if I could come over, or I just got in the Datsun 210 Hatchback and drove 20-25 miles to her house out in the country (we lived in a rural county). When we got into town, we would sometimes play video games like Pac Mac, Star Wars, Defender, or we went to my house and used the Atari Game Console to play games like ping pong, Missile Control(?), etc. There was Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn. I don't think Chick-fil-A was around in San Antonio until I was a teenager.

It was a bright time in my life, before the realities of college set in in the second half of the 80s. Life was a lot simpler then and a LOT less complicated. Our lives were much more occupied with being around people and sharing what we had with each other. A lot different today. I wish I could find a way to go back there and warn the people... People were a LOT different than today. The people in the 5th largest nuthouse are very different than the people I grew up with. They just do the "Hi, how are you? Doing fine," and nothing else, and theyn go on to do their cryptic small talk that I cannot understand because of my deafness. HOWEVER, movie-going for the deaf absolutely SUCKED, because NOTHING was captioned in the theatres, and you were lucky if your TV station captioned most of the material being aired in the EVENING. HOWEVER, we're going through this again, with most online material not being captioned still, and the youtube auto captioning software is completely wrong at times.

Still, I'd rather get the 80s back. Young'uns, since you are pining for the 80s, why don't you recreate that yourselves? Just bring the look back, the music, hell, make your music with the equipment of the time, find cars and items of the time and build an "80s city or neighborhood" as a tourist attraction for those who simply want to experience not having computers, cell phones, the Internet, a simpler live centered around being around people.

Oh wow i think you and me should date lol i have always felt the same as you, i am obsessed with the Brat pack and i am sick and tired of the Ignorance in my Generation, i have always wanted my life to be like an 80ks movie and fall in Love and slow dance to "I know this much is true" by Spandau Ballet

oh man....how about "more than this" and "Avalon" by roxy music..along with the song "true", they all have that new wave romantic sound.i believe there is a proper term for that music called "new romantic" or something like that.

I totally agree with you. I'm 13 and I KNOW that I was born in the wrong timeā€¦

I strongly agree. I wish I was born in 1969 so I could live out my teen years in the 80's.(highschool would be so much fun!)

I'm 14 and I want live in 80's.My friends are kidding me,only my cousin agree with me that 80's were better from today.I like rock and pop music,the clothes...all in 80's were better than today.

I am 17 and I agree with all of you, Modern culture sucks really really BAD<br />
<br />
And it also really annoys me when people say 'well the 80s we soooo cheesy' I LOVE CHEESE! haha. But seriously, the music didn't suck, nor did the cars and especially the fashion. I wear leather jackets, white t-shrit and jeans and I get picked on by horrible little teenagers wearing skanky hoodies with their bloody pants showing. NOT COOL KIDS........... NOT COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

i completely agree i hate the way times are now, i love the old music if i could i would go straight back to 1967 and then die before freaking 2012 ever got here i don't like the way society is now, But back then I loved the cloths, the people, the music, the culture and i love listening to my mother and fathers old stories same with my grandparents and the one thing that interest me too is that you could go anywhere you wanted and didn't have to worry about being raped, killed, hurt etc it was a much safer time i really want to know what happened. i would be completely okay without cellphones, computers, internet or whatever because you could go just about anywhere at anytime and hang out with who ever, i really cant wait for some guy or girl to invent a time machine man if they ever do i know where I'm going!

I totally agree with all of you! I was born in 1980 and wish I could have been born in the mid 60's to live through these decades older. I was surprised to see how many people felt just like me. It's almost an obsession and it's been going on for 13 years. I know I can't go back in time but I can't seem to shake it and move on or even enjoy life. I don't fit into these times or enjoy clubbing, any new music,movies or the people. Everyone is the same, I see high school kids and they all act and dress the same. No one is original and there's no character at all. Everyone of them are playing with their damn phones constantly! It seems to be getting worse as time goes by. I've always listened to music from the 60's to 80's, I relate to and love what they call oldies now. Even the 80's movies were much better, the movies now days are awful and similar to one another. I at least had the advantage to grow up in the 80's which was the time of my life, I know I would be a happier person if it was 1980 right now, I'd fit right in!

Yes,yes&MORE yes! Could'nt agree with you more,on all of it. (:

i was in my 30's in the 80's and lived through it and it was the happiest most colorful decade of all..if you want to really know what 80's music was all about,i ordrered this set nearlya year ago and i watch it very frequently...i posted a long comment here a while ago and it disappeared suddenly but don't know why..so let me just say that the 80's was colorful..it was all about color!! and cheery!! the tv ads were in brilliant color ,the record covers and even the malls were always decorated in bright colors and the fashions were colorful and cool and all hairstyles were accepted back then..purple hair,blue hair,bald hair and long hair and short hair and teased hair and big hair..it was popular and acceptable //the music was fun and it was all diverse,very unlike today.on one radio station you'd hear the mix of pop,rock,new wave,metal and in some cases even a bit of jazz(harry connick jr.)this is when MTV actually played music videos(24/7) and music was fun and not repetitiious as today./when guys wore lipstick and streaked hair onstage it didn't necessarily mean they were gay..in most cases it was fashion statement and how can you beat the colors and the sounds!! people were friendly..they smiled at you as you shopped in public. not at all like today.malls were colorful..the advrtisements were colorful and bright and tv ads were designed with colorin mind and fashions were so cool and like everything else 80's they were about color.i was in my 30's then.most people my age at that time didn't have any use for the 80's.most fo them built a shrine in their heads to the 70's and were still listening to crosby stills and nash and simon and garfunkel and missed out on the greatest oppertunity of life..to experience the 80's in all it's color and MTV glory//me and my friends used to watch mtv and when videos "fascination"by human league would<br />
come on we'd get up and dance like fools right there in the living room!!we had a blast!! yep..this was the 80's..i bought a 12 dvd set of 80's music viideos almosta year ago..when i staretd this post i decided to hit amazon to see if the set is still selling and by gosh it is..12 dvd's each with 31 music videos..372 videos in total for under 70 bucks./as a person that's now in his 50's,and remembers the 80's so clearly and mises them..these videos are reminders of a happier time..a much happier and friendlier time/.it's sad that nobody at the time realised that they were growing up..or living in a time that later would be refered to as that..happier..and colorful..if people that were growing up ..living in that era had known what was to evolve from change..unfortunately ,hip hop and rap being part of that change and becoming the dominant force in music..they would have cherished every day of that decade as they went through it.i know i would have had i known//.the most i can do is look at pictures..enjoy the wonderful movies from that era(i didn't go into it,but the movies of the 80's were awesome!!!night of the creeps,porky's and much much more)..that url to order those videos is here..they're well worth the money..if you love the 80's you'll love these.they give reminiscing a whole new definition.watch it with friends who love the 80's..seriously!! and now..i guess i'll put on one of my talking heads cd's and dream of a much happier time!! here's that url --check it out-http://www.ultimate80sdvds.com/

Whoops, sorry, I was meant to be born in the early 60s so I could live my youth in the 80s. :D

Wow, I'm really glad there are more people like me that love the 80s! I really hate 21st century, everything about it makes me sick. Music sucks, movies suck, people suck. Even the fashion sucks! I'm not really into that stuff, but all those emo girls and Tokio Hotel-ish style bands make me want to kill myself. I'm serious. I agree with you about the clubbing scene, jonnyronny. I'm more into metal, but I like disco too, and come on, I mean the VIBE! It's all about the 80s vibe, about the mood. I'd really like to be taken to a nice movie, you know. <br />
Music was so much better back then, a lot of 80s bands suck now (their newer albums), a lot of the great musicians are dead, and so many great 80s artists had aged so awfully. I want to ride in my 80s car and sing Judas Priest's Heavy Duty or Rock Hard, Ride Free as loud as I can and don't feel like a moron, I want to rock out with Metallica when they were young and wild and when they don't gave a ****. <br />
I feel the same way as ShortGirl, I was meant to be born in the 80s. And what makes me more sad is the fact that there's nothing I can do about it, you know? It's not my fault that I was born in the wrong time. It's not like I lived in the 80s and just after 30-something years realised that I missed all the good things, all that was going on, I wasn't into this or that, I'm so stupid etc. etc. In that case at least I could blame myself, you know? And now I can't do nothing. Absolutely nothing. <br />
Sorry for my English, it's not my native language, but I just had to share my feelings with someone!

@ShortGirl you couldnt have said it any better, hence why i hate today's world, your comment literally summed up what i had to say, thanks for the comment, and its great to know that i am NOT the only one who feels this way, i hope for good things for you. take it easy, and thanks again.

I understand absolutely everything you are saying! I hate society now, it sucks. I hate the music, the fashion, the cars, the technology, people's attitudes. It's all so dull and everyone looks and acts the same...especially teenage girls. They are brainwashed! Can't believe the crap they play on the radio now, it's not even music and the lyrics are...sh*t! As for clubs...experienced it once, NEVER AGAIN! I wish discos/parties/proms were like those in 80s films...footloose! I wasn't even alive in the 80s but I feel like I was meant to be...as crazy as that sounds. I love everything to do with that era and I don't ever want to be moving forward with the times.Reading this story made my day because I felt like I was the only one who felt like this. If only 'back to the future's' 'Doc' could make us a real time machine.