Eden Denied; Living Off The Grid

A radical and spiritual person by nature and experience. It's time for a few good people to relocate to a safe haven. I have always been intrigued by the Caribbean and tropical climates. I feel that's where I belong. I'm interested in hooking up with others who would like to buy some land on an island, away from the maddening crowd.
My interests include developing clean energy solutions that would free us from dependence on corporate control and dominance. I love everything tropical and when I'm in this environment, I feel at home. I desire to grow my own organic food, free from processed and denatured foods from corporate agriculture.
I would like to hook up with others who have similar interests and are ready to start a collective venture. I am open to all ideas and locations in the tropical environment. I've been to many of the Caribbean islands, including Bahamas and Central America. I visited Costa Rica last year and will soon visit Puerto Rico.
Join me for the adventure.
tropicdelight tropicdelight
56-60, M
Jan 20, 2013