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I have always had a feeling that I dont belong to this society. Im sick and tired of it every day more.Im too adventourous and wild at heart to be able to stick to everyday routine. 9/5 is so no go for me.I hate crowded places, I like open spaces... Im longing for more simple way of living. Jungle. I so much wanna visit Amazonas one day. Safari. I wanna spend some time with Maasai people and see the wild animals in their native habitat. Desert island. I wanna experience what Robinson Crusoe did (in few days :)) No clock, no rushing, be one with the nature...simplicity, simplicity...
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I just wanted to say that I could have written every word of that. I feel the same way really strongly. i have been traveling and am going to the Amazon in a few weeks. And hope and dream and will live in the jungle someday. I just relate so much.. I am a free, adventurous person.. But sometimes I feel im not because it's difficult to be in the society i live in.. It feels like it drains and prevents me from being the free spirit I am. And I so want to be one with nature and that kind of simple, natural life.

Ive been to the Amazon Jungle twice, its an amazing place full of life and Adventure, there are many voleteer programs you can do in Peru around Iquitos. Its about 900 dollars to fly there round trip. 1st to Lima then you get conecting flight to Iquitos, its an island in the Amazon River on the border of Colombia and Brazil. with a population of about 500,000 people. you can take a boat to Colombia or Brazil any time you want. Get a yellow fever shot though, you have to show your yellow card to travel to Brazil from the jungle of Peru. the jab is about 125 dollars. The Amazon is probably the more safer of the jungles. You can get a 3 day jungle tour for about 100 dollars, they take you on a speed boat down the Amazon to a loge way out in the middle of the jungle and you row around in canoes for a couple of days, if you like you can do a Ayhawaska trip with a shaman (Medicine Man) you can visit the small jungle villiages its well worth the 100 dollars. Jungle land is really cheap and Americans can buy it fairly easy in Peru. If you want to live in the Jungle practice your Spanish.

I hope you read up on what the jungle really is. It is far from simple. Everyday is a lfe struggle. Try a farm first in the middle of nowhere. I would hate to see you bitten by a spider that is so small you wouldn't even know if it did kill you.