Mad Crazy But Fun Idea..

It sounds completely wacked out, but I feel like being part of society isn't what I want. When I was a little girl, I always fantasized bout living like the "WildThornberrys", traveling in my Winabego, country to country, exploring places, learning about the animals, ancient ruins... It'd be great. & I still do fantsy this plan. Forgetting about the bugs and disease, and just enjoying the jungle! Wrestling crocodiles, rock climbing, studying animal behavior. Being an adrenaline junkee with risk, but having fun and doing something I love. Right now I have horses and am a trainee to be a professional trainer, but being in one place all my life isn't my idea of ya know life. I want to be like Indiana Jones and swing into an old temple/cavern and find exciting new things. Anybody have insane fantasies like this one?

Summerchick123 Summerchick123
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what you said made a lot of sense to me, i wanted to live like the wildthornberrys aswell when i was a kid all the adventure and the different places to visit and to this day i still do, life is to short to spend it doing things that you hate, but the bad thing is we all talk about it and know does anything, everyone of us live life doing the same thing day in day out, this may sound a bit morbid but when we're all on our death beds we're all gonna look back and regret not doing what we wanted to do, i reckon that everyone of us that want to live in the jungle get together and do it, this could be the adventure everyone is after, good talking to you summerchick123 and everyone else :)

The reason im looking this up is because nothing in this world sounds better than living with the most down to earth people on earth . Escape all this bullcrap and live life so care free wouldnt even have to wear shoes just smokingg herb and loving life

not wierd at all, your not alone with this dream. i am 18 and live in norway and every day i dream about leaving this crazy civilization and live in the jungle or some exotic place by my self or people with my belives atleast, and making food from the earth, or from fishing... it would be amazing,. making energy in a river and by the sun. i guess i cant really express how bad i want to live like that....

i have always had a idea kind of like that. I want to live on an island with enough space to live without any help from the outside world. and traveling and learning, exploring about ancient ruins is a really big dream of mine as well.

every night i dream about it, and then wake up and realise i am still in this mad society. anyway, i am 16 years old now and i live in the netherlands (so sorry for my bad english). currently i am doing a somewhat pre education for the police. everyday i see the destruction and madness we cause in this society. There is absolutly no way i am going to live here, i'd rather die. One and a half year i have to hang on and then i am 18. and when that day finaly comes i am going to buy a backpack and just walk away to the east. i have some money and if i spend like €5 a day only on food i can make it for 2-3 years. and by that time i probaly am somewhere in china, maybe find a nice and peacefull place to live surrounded by nature. i'm dreaming away again... and then i realise i am still in this shithole, and reality hits me hard. one and a half year to go... that sounds like a lifetime for me in this place.<br />
well i hope you follow your dreams, and maybe ill meet you swinging from tree to tree in the forest sometime =)

you have a great idea. I don't think it is weird. <br />
I usually imagine that I will visit Amazon someday. I will live there with the Indian. Learning their culture. I think it is not easy for me to be familiar with the insects first.