Its Time For Me To Go....

Hey people. It’s time for me to go....well soon anyway. I'm living in the UK and I’m sick of society and what it has become and what it’s trying to make me. We are all on a leash and controlled by our governments but we don’t need to be! That's what they don’t want us to find out, but I’m here to change that.

Well I'm making a one man stand and I'm going to become the 'Urban Tramp'. I'm going to live off the land for free, in cities, woods, parks, countryside.....wherever I land. I'm going to eat whatever I can find, mostly foraging and skips I guess though. My goal is to do this for about 10 years until I become self-sufficient at living completely without the need for city waste, then I will disappear into the wilderness......But I have to do this alone! I think I’ll be sticking to the UK at first, then we'll see what happens.

The reason I’m posting this in here is because I want people to follow and share my story, I feel that this will become more and more regular for people when they see that it can be a good life. Because I’m in and out of cities I will have access to Wi-Fi and I want to post regular updates on my progress and experiences. So please follow me on Facebook (Urban Tramp) and I’ll post me videos on YouTube (urbantramp23). Please email me if you want as well ( You guys are going to help keep me alive out there!

It’s time for a change and let that time be now!
UrbanTramp23 UrbanTramp23
22-25, M
Jan 9, 2013