We are not truly free. We live in a world full of restrictions and prohibitions. We pay to exist. How can one be truly happy living this way. Armed with this new found realisation rolling around my head, changes the outlook on life massively. We are surely not here to eke out an existence, battling daily to pay the tax on our life, to eventually depart from the world leaving behind yet another tax for our death! We pay to live and we pay to die, this is total nonsense. But what a feeling to be free, to be free from financial restraints, to be free from governmental and institutional restrictions and to live as a totally free man, now that sounds truly amazing.
This can't be an impossible dream can it? for if it is, then armed with my new outlook, life is surely a curse, to show us a dream, some hope of real freedom and never have it realised, if it's an impossible dream then why are we here? What is the point of our existence?

Can one still live a nomadic life in the modern world? Moving around, seeing the world, exchanging labour for food or resources. Do we need money? Of course, society deems it a necessity, but should it rule our lives? There's surely a way of life out there that isn't barred by financial restraints, hunting and gathering, exchanging goods and labour to make a living, not a living as in monetary terms but to live and survive outside of accepted civilisation. Should we have to pay to be on this earth? I don't think so. Should we be able to take what we need from Mother Nature in order to live and thrive? Mother Nature didn't create money; the scourge of man kind, the route cause of problems on earth, so why should we need it?

My wife suggested to me that I may have adopted an anarchist view of life. I wholly disagree, is it anarchy to want to live outside mainstream society? For it's only society that hints that living a nomadic, primal way of life is frowned upon. If it's a basic human right for convicted criminals to have mod cons surely It's every man and woman's basic human right to be free, or at least choose to be free. If one has made a clear and conscience decision to stay outside of mainstream society and live a life of their own choosing surely that shouldn't be met with frowning faces and legal implications. If the law forbids people to live a life of liberty in the fields and forests in their country of birth, and it's enforced by the law, then surely the system, the government is terrorising its own people. If one is forbidden to hunt and fish to feed oneself then is that not denying a basic human right! Ironically giving criminals more human rights than a free man would have!

We are all held a prisoner by our society, by our way of life, work to buy stuff, use credit to buy stuff, use credit to repay credit; before you know it you're in a cage, a cage created purely by your own doing, because of the society we have chose to live in. There are alternatives, there has to be.

Suffering my depression seems to have opened my eyes and mind wholly to the world; the real world, for what it is, and having this knowledge now and not doing anything with it would be a crime against myself; how could I carry on with this stereotypical life with these thoughts running through my mind.

I think a rather cruel side effect of my depression is that I can clearly identify two consciences, now that I have had my eyes opened. One conscience I assume is the primal one; the one that wants to live this nomadic, free lifestyle, and the other is the man that wants to support my family which causes issues seeing as though the lifestyle I'm writing about isn't accepted as willingly by the ones I love. This battle between my two consciences is what I imagine is keeping me sick. If my family wanted the same as me then the choice would be simple, however, having discussed this, admittedly in jest, my wife has expressed her liking of the mod cons, and this, of course comes with a price tag.
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Slaves to capitalism and greed it should be every persons right to live wild in the country they were born it should be made a world wide law .

I know 100% what you mean.
Read some Henry David Thoreau books especially walden
They have communes also with people basically feeling the same way as you. I'd suggest looking into then
I don't recommend The Farm or Twin Oaks from my own extensive research. Look into dancing rabbit you'll be happy.
The more I learn about people the more I like my dog. Mark Twain
It's simple but it has a deepish meaning