In The Preparation Stage For Living Off The Grid In The Wilderness

my life partner and i are in the preparation stages for living in the wilderness. we are both females in our mid 20's. we have begun extensive research on purchasing a small plot of land in Oregon, and are pleasantly surprised on how affordable it is, even on our middle level income. We plan on building a log home for shelter and bringing along a few horses, a small pack of dogs, and some chickens. eventually, after gaining experience in living this life style, we plan on going horseback riding across the united states.

we are looking for like minded individuals to join us in our journey. the small financial burden would be split between who ever decides to join us, and of course the labor of building and preparing with also be equally shared.

we are planning on going completely off the grid, so there will be no plumbing or electricity, we will get by solely on what nature provides us.

the yearning in our hearts to leave it all behind grows stronger by the day, and we are looking to leave as soon as we can, once we secure our plot of land.

if you have ever felt the same, please feel free to respond, who knows, this can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship and life like it was meant to be lived
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5 Responses May 10, 2012

Hello. This sounds like a dream. I'd like to hear more

Hey I'm currently 20 and been planning on leaving sometime. I'll be down to join. I'm in Cali

Hey, sounds like a great idea. I would like to discuss joining you. Just let me know how to get in contact.

Do you have a way I can contact you? I am interested in doing this next year perhaps and I'd love to discuss details about it. Even if I don't join y'all, I'd love to find out what you guys have learned about this.

Hey there i would love to do this but currently only planning to stay around europe however if that doesnt work i might head to the US till then its a rather big maybe . I wish i could join you it is truly a shame i cannot