Wilderness Lodge

Hi everybody, My name is Andres, I live in Argentina and work as an independant Travel Agent.  I have my own office and we are called SXP Exclusive Adventure Tours, we are based in Buenos Aires.  SXP stands for SoutherCross Patagonia which is our Licence name.
I have been wondering very much lately about what the future for travel agents will surprise us with, the truth is that there are more and more agents doing practically the same thing, and all around the world, this business will for sure transform and dissappear in the near future, the internet is becoming a big threat and I think it is OK in some way.   This is why I have been thinking alot about my future always related with nature and tourism and though it would be a great idea to offer people who want to have the experience of living in the wilderness, a week or more camping in a trailer installed near the sea in Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost inhabitable corner of the world.  Some place very far from human life, where we wll have to fish for food or hunt (no guns) and collect our own wood for cooking and keeping warm, alot of trekking and no contact with the modern world.
I dream with a cozy trailer, my 4x4 truck, a green house and the loneliest place in argentina to live this experience as a holiday for people of all ages who need to have this direct contact with the wilderness, no matter how cold or uncomfortable they could be for a week or more.
What do you think, could this be a great idea?.  Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.  Kind regards to all.
Madm1462 Madm1462
51-55, M
May 24, 2012