Why I Want To Travel

It all started one Christmas morning my eighth grade year. There was a giant rectangular
box under our tree and I had no idea what it was. I craved to open it first but my father insisted that
I open the smaller ones and save the mystery box for last. I tore through the smaller presents with
haste and finally got the grand prize. I opened it up, and it was a guitar, the number one thing on
my Christmas list. I immediately took it out, tuned up, and spent the entire day learning chords
(Fmaj almost made me give up lol).

After that it was guitar, guitar, and more guitar. I would sit on the computer for hours practicing
scales, learning songs, and playing along with jam tracks. One time my parents found me in the
closet at 2 AM playing quietly as possible trying to get a few more licks in before sleep. I can proudly
say I'm addicted to playing. There is nothing in this world that brings me more joy than zoning
out and letting the music take ahold of me. And then something major happened with my playing,
I discovered the blues.

I didn't know what to think at first. It was so simple, yet complex at the same time. And I never
heard a type of music so charged with emotion and sadness. I knew this was the style I craved
to play and master. From then on it was Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Robert Johnson,
and Stevie Ray Vaughan. There were better kids at my school, but I had the blues on lock
and was undisputed in that category. That's when I realized all I wanted to do with my life
was play music for the rest of my days. But I wanted something more than just to play, I became
interested in singing and slowly but surely started writing my own songs. That's when I found
Townes Van Zandt.

Townes Van Zandt is considered by many to be the greatest American songwriter ever. He
isn't as famous as Bob Dylan, and most people don't even know he is, but his music is
undebniably beautiful, drainy, and depressing. As I got more into him, I came across this quote,

"There was one point when I realized, man I could really do this. But it takes blowing
everything off. It takes blowing your family off, money, security, happiness, freedoms;
blow it off. Get a guitar... and go."-Townes Van Zandt

And that was it, I was sold. From that point on a fire started to build in me and the craving
for the open road and travel gripped my soul.

My father bailed me out of jail March of 2012 (got drunk and broke some car windows :/)
we got into a dispute and I ended up running away. Well I was in Lincoln, CA and needed
to get to Susanville, CA where my buddy was at, and hitchhiking was the only option. I
was completely terrified, overpacked, and unprepared for the journey, but somehow
I made the 300+ mile journey in less than 6 hours. It was exhilarating! I rolled into town
with a big smile and a story to tell. Everyone couldn't believe what I did, and neither
could I. But now I knew it was possible and not as terrible as everyone thought.

Now I'm planning a trip for this summer to go and see my buddy in San Diego, and then go
east and see the rest of the United States. Honestly I want to travel my whole life, I'm not
a big fan of permanent residence, I just get bored. So for this next six months I'm crackin
down on researching survival tactics (edible plants, shelter building, general survival)
tryin to learn Spanish, building up my ruck sack with the necessary supplies, and practicing music as much as I can so I can busk for money
when necessary. I feel like I found the perfect community of people to travel with on this
site and would love to meet up with anybody with whatever endeavor you have. I've just
come to the personal conclusion that I'm not meant for society and it's materialistic agenda/monetary system.

I have three pairs of jeans, a couple shirts, and one pair of comfortable boots and I couldn't
be happier. The most expensive thing I own is my guitar/baby Brielle. I hate money; it is the root of all evil and I can not understand how people can be disillusioned by something so meaningless.

There is more to life than hoarding your treasures and working everyday. I just crave simpler times, working for survival or a common goal among men.
It bums me out when people aren't happy with what they do. I'm actually terrified of being trapped in a job I despise, and that's why I'm hitchhiking, I want something more. I feel like everyone graduates, goes to college, gets a career, and starts a family. And that just sounds so stagnant and too normal. I want adventure and to struggle and to meet people and travel, hence the vagabond lifestyle.
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I live in a California area and I have a specific place picked out where I'm going to be moving it is 4 and a half miles away from anyone And I would love it if people living in the California area would join

When and where brother?

I'm in but the only thing is I live by NYC. I was planning on living in the wild and travelling around the rest of my life for God and me and for all. I was gonna travel threw Canada then wwherever it leads me from there on I'll go.

That was a great story :D It's really inspiring to hear that you have that much passion for your life. I hope everything goes well on your journey! :)

Very well put.

Thank you sir or madam!

Sir and your welcome. Im leaving texas in May heading your way then back east. Maybe ill see ya maybe not. Good luck to you eathier way.