Getting Out Of Here Going To Living In The Wilderness As A Way Of Life

Like everyone on here iam fed up with society and going off the map living in the wilderness as a way of life. I have been practicing survival for about 10 years now. It all come to me really quick i have native blood in. I was happey to see so meny like me that want to live in the wild so anyone want to come with me living in the wild making the wilderness a way of life so you email me beall37@gmailcom
wildman006 wildman006
26-30, M
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

I loved this post you did. I wrote to you just about a minute or so ago on your google mail I'm up for this and when I talk I mean what I say. and there is no turning back with me and I hope not for you also. I'm doing this for a new life away from society I'm giving up my family for this journey and I'm giving it to God.

thank you i did not get your email where are you from try my email if you really are thanking of doing this we need to talk

i just sent you a new email. just now also what is your number so i can call you.
iam from fairview nj. all you have to do is look at my profile etc. lol.
can you travel to get here and also are you serious. i did this before and the guy never showed up and i tryed meeting him in another state and it killed me bad :(.
i dont wanna get hurt like that again.