Living Off The Land In Europe

I love nature, I have spent 3 years travelling the world, I have cycled to Africa from England, and walked through East Europe. I have lived in Thailand taking great interest in Buddhism. Society is well stressful. I'm at uni now in Cambridge but plan to live in the woods somewhere like sweden or finland where there is lots of nature. Kind of aiming for enlightenment practising yoga and meditation, Can grow own food. Ive spent about 8 months living in the wilderness, nature is amazing! plan to get like a volkwagon van or something, build a hut and own personal farm near a water supply. It will take some adjusting to at first but trust me society seems hectic after living simply. would be nice to find a female companion to do it with, message me if you are seriously interested in doing it in Europe. plan to go for probably bout 3 years +
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

your plan sounds good but why just talk and wait when God gave us a path to use it right now. I'm gonna leave in the 2nd week in February but need at least one person that is serious about this. all I need is a tent and I have my cloths. light is best to pack for this journey. by the way my name is mike