Looking For Someone To Meet With Me To Live In The Wild

looking for someone in nj to meet with me 100% no bullcrap I'm putting my life on the line for you whoever reads this. I am tired of society we live in the racial remarks the lies just the evil is getting out of control and its eating me apart and I need at least someone willing to go with me soon from nj to Canada then from Canada to wherever it leads us. u can reach me here or at revelation mike five at th dot com my name is Michael I'll be looking forward to hearing from u
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4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

If you're willing to come down to California We can meet up I'm in the process of getting a horse down here to take up with me If you're seriously interested give me a call 8189351139

I know this reply is 6 months late. I live in California and I am willing to go with you

You can contact me at area code 8189351139

You can join me down here in California I'm going to be moving to the Sierra Nevada mountains And any help With a stop blushing a place to live up there would be more than welcome

I live in the California area I have the nickname of mountain man I am highly interested in moving To a specific area I have in mind but need other people For the permanent move

U got me. Eh what's ur number lets speak about this one day. And I'm very serious about this email me back at revelationmike5 GM my name is Mike