Wishful Thinking.

I've always had this dream. In it I buy a tract of land out in the middle of nowhere, far enough from civilization that I never have to hear a car pass, or noisy children playing in the street. There will be no streets.

I would take from the land the materials necessary to build myself a dwelling with my own two hands, and perhaps the hands of some companions as well. To start with nothing, and make something out of it. Not necessarily something grand....but something of my own. I would accomplish something. 

I would then live off the land. Myself and a group of likeminded individuals. Taking what the Earth chooses to offer us, and offering gifts to Her in return. Its hard work, but I crave the simplicity of it.

I would not own a television or a microwave.

I would allow anyone to stay with me who'd put in the effort to help keep it going. Anyone willing to work it alongside me, and who could appreciate the beauty in it. After all, happiness is best when shared.

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9 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Has anyone been successful in accomplishing there dream
I need direction

lot of people are so interested,for such a life,me too but can not go with you i am not in west. so sad.

my partner and i are in the preparation stages for living in the wild. we are both females in our middle 20s. we have been doing extensive research and are pleasantly surprised on how affordable buying a suitable plot of land would be. we have our mind set on Oregon. we plan on taking a few horses (we have found great horses for under $500), a small pack of hunting dogs and some chickens for fresh eggs in the morning. ideally, we would like to find a piece of land with a cabin, but its proving hard to come by, and expensive so building our own home is probably the best option. eventually, when we have the experience to live this life style, we plan on horseback riding through the us, with nothing but horses under our butts and heaven over our heads. <br />
<br />
we are very open to having like minded individuals join us and help begin and build a life completely off the grid. it would also be great to share the small financial burden of buying and building on land, so we will be able to make it happen faster. if any one is interested, feel free to email me! were looking to go as soon as possible !

Im trying to get as many people together as I possibly can to go live into the wild...Ive been wanting to for several years and Im finally ready...Ive been doing tons of research on plants, survival and all that good stuff for about 3 years now. The only reason I havnt gone is fear of going alone. Its been shown in studies living in the wild is less stressful and physical on the human body so obviously the more people the better.<br />
I was just wondering if you were still interested...plan on leaving March 1st 2011. If you are interested please feel free to email me with any questions...thanks,<br />

I am making that drem happen. I have the land and all the necessary items. I will start building this summer once weather breaks. Northern PA. I am extremely serious and looking fo a companion who shares my dreams and help make this happen. Let me know if you would like to talk sometime.

I would probably just run off somewhere in the wild without consorting with any humans! I'd just hunt and live a nomadic life, that's what I would prefer.

where are you from? i am from croatia in europe. i share with you this dream.

yeah, but whats the 1st step, like money wise, i mean there would initially have to b some money, i mean not much, just enough to get u goin, like buy a lil land, lemme know how ure goin about this, this is also my dream dream!

Sounds amazing. I hope you get to do this, and honestly I hope that I do something similar.