In Wilderness!

I almost live that way, though. I go to city only to work. Living in wilderness is the TRUE freedom. Usually some of my friends ask: "What are you doing in the evening?" or "What do you do when you have a free day?" Yeah... what indeed? We read lot. In our library is about 10 000 units, plus years of collections of different magazines (GEO, National Geographic). We have a TV, but no cable, no antenna. We use it for watching old movies. Telephone? Only cellphone and the connection is pretty fragmentic. What about leisure? What about entertainment? We have huge collection of good old table-games, starting with chess and checker and ending with Domino, risk and Monopoly. Living that way leaves me enough time to create my art. Our dogs and cats are free and they are living with us not because they are forced, but because this is their home. Giving up the commercial TV and Radio (yes, radio too) allows us to maintain our sense of fantasy and creativity. We have a pretty large garden and about 50 appletrees plus red- and blackcurrant and goosberry bushes. All thanks to my great-grandfather. Really - living in wilderness makes me happy. And the living there is much cheaper too!
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it sounds amazing....

Im trying to get as many people together as I possibly can to go live into the wild...Ive been wanting to for several years and Im finally ready...Ive been doing tons of research on plants, survival and all that good stuff for about 3 years now. The only reason I havnt gone is fear of going alone. Its been shown in studies living in the wild is less stressful and physical on the human body so obviously the more people the better.<br />
I was just wondering if you were still interested...plan on leaving March 1st 2011. If you are interested please feel free to email me with any questions...thanks,<br />

damn that sounds like a nice way to live.. do you still pay taxes and all that stuff, or did you completely unchain yourself from the system? sounds to bloody beautiful, the way you live! bless you, have a wonderful time out there! Maybe one day I'll do something similar! :)

I wish I were you. We also grew up like that. Not even electricity. Only books, watching the sun go under, read a lot and slept for the next mornings early stand up. Now that I am older I have problems with people that want to go everywhere in the City and not stay home. I'm happy with my books and nature. Wish more people were like that. We nearly did not have enough water and you had to catch rain water in drums to last for the winter when the rivers are dry. When the rain comes everyboy were outside and we were laughing for the rain on the corrigated iron of the house. The best way to sleep and dream. That is Namibia for you but wonderful.

How the living in the wilderness can be HARD? I think, it is pretty simple. Living in the city is hard. Or at least harder than in countryside.

I need some people to talk to in the wild . dogs are "ok" just not enough. wilderness living sounds peaceful but hard, IM IN point to a place mybe ill go.

yeah, i don't want to do this alone i want a group of people to do it be there take care of one another, help take care of the land n to have fun with.....i couldn't live without music though

I have another person who think the same way we are intending to go together but in a about 2 years or so msg me and lets chat.

Yeah... maybe the city is something for younger folks, but I don't miss it. Or - there's nothing I would miss.

Wilderness - place where is no houses near, no running water, no phone lines. Forest. Sea is 4 miles. Only 'luxury' is electricity. That's all.