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I've been wanting to do this since I was a kid.  My father owns 20 acres of wooded land in the adirondack mountains and I've been hunting and fishing there since i was 7.   Whenever I go up there is when I truly feel alive.  I belong in the wilderness.  Like I said before, my father owns 20 acres but in my opinion that wouldn't be enough land to live for any length of time.  I would probably eat the majority of the animals there in the first 2 months.  I could kill deer but living off of that alone would be torture in itself.  Im looking for a large piece of remote forest with a creek running through it, and somone that has knowledge of wild edibles, farming, and tanning would be cool too.  I have no problem providing the meat.  And unlike a few of you on here, I don't want to do it for a few weeks or months.  I want to do it for the rest of my life.  Establish myself there.

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Hi Janeloo..Wanted to say how much this has inspired me over the past few days of reading it. I am up for this to come and tag long with you...? Email me!

Hey there i too have the same ambition it will be awhile though till i persue it however if you would liek some ideas tips and etc i have read and experimented alot :) message me when you feel up for a long chat

im in nyc and it sucks lucky u to be able to get away,, i ant to do it for life and grow my own food and live off the land

Glad to see that you are halfway there to what you want. We too want to eventually be able to live off the land in peace and harmony and being self-sufficient. We still have a couple of more years, before that can take place though.

Hello Jangelo, I wanted to let you know that your not the only one with this ambition. I've been dissatisfied with how this society works for al my life, and I've met several people in my life who share my way of thought. Now I can write a book with how I feel about this world but what is perhaps interesting for you is that we are planning to pursuit this ambition. Based on the information we gathered about several regions in this world as far as resources and flora&fauna goes, we came to the conclusion the southern island of New Zealand provides everything we need. We plan to take along only knowledge in the form of books, tools and some food and a sleepingbag for the first days. We want to head out early 2010, maybe later.

Try Alaska. The Adirondacks are lovely. Plenty of large parcels of land to be had in Alaska; or perhaps even in the mid-west Happy hunting. Sounds like the way to go.

hmm, your life your choice;)<br />
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You decide about the way of your living. Why not - if you feel happy with that.