I Want To Live In Wilderness With Nature

i put an effort to find this group of people, because i really need this. i never really met a person that want to live in the wilderness. many people weat to live in harmony with nature but i want to do that in wilderness. i imagine that in some forest with some shelter maybe.

on my island which is in croatia in europe prevail oak's forests which i like very much, naturally probably. there, in autumn, yellow leaves fall on the ground whick looks so good. then, i want to lie down and roll like on the snow :P
One day when i learn necessary skills i will rush to some forest and stay there :)

the wish about living in the wilderness became the part of my identity which grows in my heart day by day. i dont like society and civilisation very much, i dont like all this rules. here there is no resepect and worry for Nature.

i know that it is gonna be VERY hard, but i also know that i am gonna to do that for sure, because, without nature and animals my life doesnt have meaning and purport. i am very stubborn person :)

in his conffesion djjoko said : If I sound like yourself, or you know of someone, a group, or a WEBSITE for those who also share my vision, please post and let me know. I can't tell you how appreciative I would be.
i copyied that becuse that is exactly what i meant to ask.

sorry for my bad english


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I've thought more and more of life living off the grid... not being dependent on gov't water, electricity.... being somewhere that can free you of these things. A friend and her partner just started doing this about 6 months ago and I haven't has the chance to hear from them since then, and this is something that I daydream about alot

I want to create a lodge that attracts fisher man in the spring a summer months and doubles as a treatment center for thos that need help. doing this at a fly in only location. to live in the wilderness but share the experience while helping others. try and get people to help by trading free living to work around the lodge. this is my dream

Hi my name is Norberto and its really awesome to see other people with the same dream as me. Im new here and i would love to talk to you guys and learn as much as i can. Thank you

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I have that dream to, let's all be friends and maybe we can one day do it,, ;D


It brings joy to my heart to see there's so many like-minded people out there in the world :) .
i još bolje da nisam jedina iz Hrvatske :)

Hi all. My name is Arielle and I work for a TV production company in the US that is looking for a family who wants to live off the grid - maybe on an island somewhere - and not only is ready to make the change, but has hopefully started planning. We would like to document the process! If this is something you might be interested in, please email me at developmentcastingconsult@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

My family and I are seriously considering this and have been researching for a while. Don't have many details worked out yet, but it's something we really want to do.

ı am in shock right now. ı never thought that there are so many people think like that, just like my view to life. ı am so so so happy! greetings from TURKIYE!

hello there im ryan and im 18 and from the uk i have wanted this for years it comes to help that ive studied and practised the art of bushcraft since i was about 5 so im very happy to be a part of nature if we can get this set up id give up everything and make this happen no matter where you are from uk,usa or europe lets do this and become one big community more than happy to take any mail :D

Hi ryan, feels good to hear those words from someone

As always my friend happy that someone agrees!

Most refreshing post & comments I've read in donkeys :D cheers for the breath of fresh air guys!
I'm ty, 21 & from Australia. I love nature, love animals & have massive issueswith the way of life I am living.. but I don't know any other way yet!
Learning all the tricks of the trade slowly, doing a course in horticulture & herbalism. But lack huge amounts of knowledge in how to survive long term in the Wild.
Ultimately i would like to buy a piece of land with a dozen families. Something large enough to get lost in, whether it be rainforest or snow in South America or Asia i don't mind - wherever It's possble! With a running creek nearby, good soil for crops & a beautiful all natural view. Tepees, wooden huts or treehouses for homes. An outdoor fireplace for cooking & enjoying starry nights with good people. In short - to create a long term sustainable community.. something small initially. But someplace capable of growing into a small township of 60 or so adults where everybody is in it together, one for all - all for one. To create an entirely new sustainable system made up for forward thinking, creative kindred spirits who wish to live in harmony with the local environment. Spiritual Bushmen, Musicians, Artists, Story tellers, Doctors, Holistic healers, Herbalists, Farmers, Carpenters, Horticultural landscapers, Gardeners, Scientists, Astrologers.
Technology is an extension of humanity & is not evil IMO, though many machines we have created are terrible things as well our means of fueling them & EVERYTHING.
I desire to build a new town, with a way of living that makes sense.
A place where you can walk barefeet on grass & earth, not steel & concrete.
Open land without borders or fence posts or toxic smoke.
Where you can spend your days evolving with a humble bunch of people, working as one for the benefit of all.. building each others homes, growing food & any other creative ideas we may come up with. Gathering natural sources for art materials, carving canoes, instruments or tools..
Someplace where you can enjoy the simple beauty of it all, make memories with good people, live day for day, whether you build your home next to another or a kilometre away from everyone else. It doesn't matter.
A place free from advertisements, bullshit & confusion. A place free from insanity. Where the people are at home in nature, living with integrity, free to be whoever they may be, living a way of life within the natural ecosystem which is intelligent & sustainable so we may evolve into healthy beings of awesome.
Sorry for the ramble, I think that was more to myself you guys just got the ol brain ticking away. I like thinking of this place it makes me happy, hopefully one day it will exist. Or maybe it already does & I just need to find the right commune!
Anyway cheers for the inspiration :)

Ty your more than welcome to get in touch buddy and your more than welcome to help me create this community we need all the help we can I know about the shelter building etc you know your horticulture and herbalism also I'm pretty spiritual in the bush as I feel I belong there and being a musician also helps haha

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Hi, when i saw your post i had to register. I live in Slovenija (which is close) and I have always respected nature. Not long ago I've became "spiritualy aware" of myself and realised that I want to live in nature and not in the modern society. At the moment I'm 17 years old and when in finish school I will probably go out of the society and start living in the nature. I never liked living in cities and modern society. And I really like your idea. I think we all here should connect and create a society somewhere in the wilderness. Sorry for bad English :D

i'm 19 always had that dream building a peaceful simple community in the wilderness let's be friends!

matym5@ aol.com

hi martina! i live in new york. i love it here very much but i am afraid because my government wants me dead:p after i liquidate my car motorcycle and other things that are meaningless to me i will buy equipment to travel very light and proceed to live amongst the trees in nature. i have never met anyone who shares my mindset until now unless my government is tricking me with you robots lol just kidding.....i hope. i would like a small group of people who share the same interes about starting a little civilation somewhere secluded and ideal learning the land and not to exploit all the resources like the common theme of history :) like the movie avatar haha well i will come back and post an email address because i deleted mine. i am very interested in making new friends

You know, I live in philadelphia & this concrete jungle & ugly city life is not my nature. More & more I am yearning to be in nature, so much that me & my friend are planning to take a road trip to spend a few days in nature, at the beach in the forest. & if you want to connect and come with, that would be awesome. I am always looking for people with similar interest but I am surrounded by people who are not. I even want to move away and into to nature to live off of the land

I just want to hug you all. It feels so good to find people with similar thoughts... I feel more connected to you guys than with people around me. For me it all started with fight club, initially I was angry with the society and wanted to press my thoughts to people.. Later on i realised that i have to change first before trying to change others, and also found that things are easy to achieve through peace than through violence

I yearn for this more and more everyday. Life is FREE. food is FREE. This beautiful planets supports all if its life forms and doesn't ask for money. The only true law is the law of nature , followed by the law of the land. Cause no harm or loss to another. This is our planet and I don't recall signing up for these bull crap statutes and "laws". I want peace and freedom in the wilderness, living and communicating with nature. :-)

My name is Karl. I live up here in Canada where i was born and raised. I grew up in a small mill town in northern b.c so i was always in the bush playing as a kid. As the years went by and family members passed away i am now here all by myself. I am currently 30 years old and have been trying to find a way back into nature where i can live my life free and i dont mean money. I am sick of living my life in a society for many reasons, and it really sucks that we dont have the right to leave it all behind for a primative living. We cant because it wont contribute into bettering this world. We can get mining claims and destroy the beautiful country that we have because it contributes. What a crock of **** that is. I am skilled in survival in the wilderness and i will find a way to get there. This is our land and we should have the right to live how we want no matter what as long as it isnt harming this planet. The reason i am writing this is to find some like minded people to do this with. If we band together we can do it

do you still think the smae way, ? when i red your letter to us i feel like i could have wrote that , that is exactly what i think and came by for, i am thinking about this everyday

greetings Jonas

This my dream to! i love the forests and landscapes, nature, animals etc. If you have manifested this dream..let me know!

I want to live in the wilderness to. Life nowadays, what is that? Everyone is becoming fat and we sit on our chairs with robots doing everything for us, that aint life. Life is when you are a "HUMAN" living in the nature, hunting for food, building shelter. Not sitting and playing games all the days and having cars driving around destroying nature with gas and all kinda crap. Too bad im just 15 and can't go to another country now or do anything beside going to school for a good job in the future. Working and getting money, buying beer, get drunk, drive cars and all that fancy ****. The kind of life i wanna live is the kinda life you describe. It would'nt be any rapists, murderers, thiefs. It would be "LIFE". I hope you get my point. I hope this will happen and i hope life will become "LIFE" again.

Living in California it can be easy to find the wilderness. I am currently living with my girlfriend and have been fighting this urge for 3 years. I know if I went into the wild it would swallow me whole and i would let nature do it. I have terrifying and wondrous dreams at night about waking in the wild. I long for nature for the wild. I've got all the knowledge and things i would need to do it, I just have difficulties with the thought of cutting ties with the world around me. I'm not meant to live where i am. I lack the strength to tell those that i love that i need to go. My mind is fanciful and ever curious. I long for the day I can have a friend that can pull my into the wild and rescue me from this trap ive caught myself in.

Hello Martina. Im Jacob and I share the same idea as you! Im 19 years old and I already feel that this society that we are living in is very corrupt. It is also very hard for me because everyone in my family and friends thinks i will be wasting my time and that i should be in school and get a "real" job. All i want is to be happy. If people are happy in their office buildings, I want to be happy in nature!! I feel that humans have a connection with nature and we should live with nature and not away from it in cities!

I eventually would like to start a movement. A statement that if people are free to live, then they should really be free! Of course this will take lots of time. I would appreciate if you and anyone who wishes to talk about this topic and how we can make it work to email me! I wish you much success in the future and i hope to speak to you soon! Love sincerely , Jacob


I feel the same as you! I want to do this, just don't know how to go about it..

pridruzuju ti se jos dvojica, moj frend i ja o tome pricamo zadnjih godinu dana, otici u sumu i zivjeti svoj zivot... milina... :)

hej , iz kud ste vi? ja sam s krka. tako mi je drago da ima u blizini ljudi koji to zele :)

+1 :)

Croatia is my ideal place!!! im in the US right now, but would be more than willing to jump on a boat, if we can work something out.. get in touch with me on the site....!!!

Wow, I've been thinking the same thing for a long time. I don't know how hard it would be to actually do it though, but I have been thinking, if a group of people moved together and started a kind of own community, I mean if people are allowed to live on the taxes, in big houses with tons of money, doing plastic surgeries just to look good and over consume, why wouldn't people who want to live in he forest and live that kind of life, be able to do that? I am glad others are thinking in the same way! I'm from Sweden btw, its nice to hear people from all over the world are caring for the nature! Does anyone know of any kind of "alternatetive" community? / Felle

... Caring is not equal to think on it, i have been contacting with all people here and still nobody join me, so dont be so proud, this people is just a crowd of cowards, i challenge anyone to prove me the opposite, i have 2 gear sets and i live in spain,get my city from any country in europe is not more expensive than 300 euros. But even with that all people find excuses to dont join me, and the most recurrent is the day of truth say not to be mentalized, in other words COWARDS

Yes yes yes !! I live in Australia but I would love the experience of living in the forest in Croatia
How do I contact You Martina?

i have planed this all out. i am leaving next week. im not doing this because iv lived a hard life but for th same reason as you. im 25 n have a great job well had as of monday. the pressure of society is to much for me. i hope you do this to. iestimate it only to be its roughest till i build shelter. good luck and if you ever come to wisconsin look me up

good luck to you!
i hope you acheive what you want
just like i hope to acheive soon

heeey! How was it? How are you?

i am serious about living this kind of life, to live free and be part of nature is everything i have wanted for years. now i am old enough i have started to mentally prepare for all the situations i would face and i have started getting a rucksack and equipment together of the basic things i will need. I would do it alone if i had to but i have hope that there is some others out there who want and feel the same as i do. I am a 21 year old guy who lives in Dudley UK. Please there must be others like me who want to get away from this society that i find disgusting and i have grown to dislike.

Your English is just fine. I understood everything you wrote and on a deeper level I understood the feelings you expressed and your desire to leave society's rules and replace them with nature's rules. I guess I understand because it is exactly the way I feel.

Thank you so much for sharing, this is an amazing story!<br />
<br />
I actually work for a production company in Los Angeles and we are currently trying to create a documentary series (for a major network) to help tell the stories and deliver the messages of people just like this! We'd like to focus on individuals and/or families who are choosing to live in the wild, off of the land and away from society. I would love to get in touch with you to hear more about your incredibly refreshing lifestyle! <br />
<br />
<br />
Please call or email me anytime to further discuss!<br />
<br />
Thank you!<br />
<br />
Best, <br />
Liz <br />
Talent Coordinator, Development <br />
Office: 310-566-6213<br />
Email: LizDCasting@Gmail.com

Hi everyone!<br />
<br />
Before all, thank you Martina for great mail and an idea which we all here seem to share!<br />
I'm from Croatia (Rijeka), too, and thoughts about leaving all this false & upside-down society hipocrysis b...sh..t is following my footsteps - you could as well call it "haunting" me - for some time now, and slowly but steadily growing in my soul. I can hardly express how much I am glad to find here people who share the very same idea with me!<br />
Well, as I first step (which, I feel, tells me there's NO going back once the idea has planted into my mind), I am clear about this decision, and I prepared my soul (or better to say - IT has prepared me!), now, as a 2nd step, I'm trying to build my intellect up to the immense task of learning the basic skill of surviving in the wild by downloading tons of great helpfull books about it and reding it hungrily, as I do. The last step, I guess, is starting to prepare my body for it...<br />
I guess it all started with "Into the wild" movie...there is something magnetic in its power of persuading about its main message...and the fact I find myself a lot of common with Alexander "the supertramp" (except his ability to see things clearer when I was in HIS age) - must be the symbiosis, the sinergetic power of all that, combined...<br />
<br />
I am so glad to be there to share it all and meet all of you great people!

ej, ja sam s krka. trebali bi se naći jedan dan kad dođem doma iz zadra. pa da pričamo :)

Watch Out Of Alaska 1st then make your decision!

It's so weird hearing this from real people, I've dreamed of this every since I can remember. I've learned how to fish, hunt, and live off the land from my dad, he was in the Marines. I was also in the boy scouts. I am a carpenter now and I can build a house from the ground up. I've always wanted to build a log cabin too. Everything I've learned in live can be traced to my longing to live in the wild. I am 31 years old now with a wife and two kids that I love more than anything, I wish I could've found people like you 7 years ago but now it's too late. My wife would never go for it and my kids have to grow and make these decisions on there own. I defiantly can't abandon them. So basically I'm stuck, it truly breaks my heart but at least I know I'm not alone.

i am very interested in this idea i would love to dedicate to this . if you guys are serious i would enjoy taking this step .

i am very interested in doing this . is this forum serious .

Yes, I am serious.

me too. for 1 year i am finnished with my faculty and can go the wild way :)

i want to come too!!! i have 2 small dogs and i just want to take them someplace where they can run free and where i can grow my own food and live in an adobe home that i built and be away from tech i mean maybe have one room w/ some some things w/ all things solar and wind power sorry for my ramble, i just feel that what ive always met to do i so don't fit in anywhere or w/ anyone unless i change who i am

I live in the United States in New York, i'm 20 years old and I've always wanted to live in the wild like man did YEARS ago. I live in an apartment building with my mom and 2 hamsters. This government needs to be taken down asap, burn all your cash show them it's not worth it anymore. If we don't value money they will be no more. Your not entirely free if you gotta make or get cash/Jobs to have a future. No man should wield you but YOU. Oh don't get me started on VOTING! This world is nothing but a prison. I just wish there would be one giant earthquake or storm to take down all of these buildings. Why build these harmful non eco-friendly factories?! Your polluting the earths natural air making it bad for us to live in. My grandfather was cherokee indian, his people lived in the wild with nature until they were invaded by the US and they took our land to build their homes. I say I would like to claim it back but i can't unless earth seperated north and south carolina from the US. I'm tired of living by their rules and regulations(laws). This government is too corruptive, we all need to take action. I've always dreamed and daydream of facing the wild; it's like mother nature is calling me from the heart... I can almost feel this warm tingle inside.. I also wanted to join the military but her call is getting WAYY TO STRONG!!! I can't do it anymore... I have building, hunting and fighting skills. I can create underground homes just like the indians did. It's very hard to find a nice wooded area with green/yellowish trees and a nice large patch of green grass in the center that you could call "home". I'm so tired of this crap where you have to drive cars, work for someone else (job-though i could never get one), technology(i'm here to see if people like me would one day embrace this nature). I rather not hurt any creatures unless I need to defend myself. I prefer to live deep in the earth or high in the trees; not directly ON earth (that's just keeping other plants from growing), ride horses, hunt with spears and arrows and be one with nature. We all should build our city of Utopia in the earth as a group, return to the outland to farm and or hunt get sun from time to time, spend time with nature and her creatures during day light. Live Life And Stay There ;-). Who agrees upon this adventure/future?

well maybe keep technology and use solar energy

what about this summer?

Let's do this!

My dear people, I am finally here, taking some time for myself… All this time I was seriously thinking about meeting people that I met that are thinking about this wonderfull idea. Dear Milan and others , what are you thinking about that? I think that it would be great to talk eyes to eyes face to face with people who can understand each other. <br />
''It makes me feel satisfied inside to know that there are like minded people out there :) I suppose technology is good in this aspect.''<br />
It is exactly what I mean too, Abnoba…<br />
<br />
<br />
For Milan: I have to apologize to you Milan once again because it was so lovely to talk with you but I have not responsed for a long time. It is not the first time that I hear about the idea of natural healing. I honestly think you must have potential for learning about that because you are really interested in that, so I hope that you are still there, on your way. I am interested, where are you now and how are you ? <br />
''Besides that I'll be doing something i felt had to be done for a long time. Tell some more truths or atleast try to share what ive learned the past year about health, nature, spirituality, love and just being the change i want to see in the world. If i dont do it then who will? so i imagined walking door to door like a Jehova.. but then just my story ;)''<br />
How was this? I hope that you have really done this, because when I was first read this few months ago and now I think it is so sweet idea. I like it. <br />
Few days ago, after a long time, I was watching TV. There was some story about global warming. It made me very but really very sad. How can we do such a horrible thing to our planet? And at the same time, I am listening about people who judge some family who have left to live in wilderness carring their child with themselves. They obviously cannot see how beautiful and meaningfull their lifes must be. On such days I am usually exploring on the internet about that family or some others people who have done that , also searching for pictures of nature and wilderness. Finaly, I end up dreaming about me leaving into the wild. And so on in the circle  Oh my God I made now a whole confession to you  In the end, I ll say just one thing more, I hope we will meet this summer!! Take care of yourself and write…<br />
If you have facebook profil and if you want find me: martina barbiš<br />
<br />
Hey Tcat, I am so glad that you have finally decided to do this. You sound very grounded which is great. Where are you now, and what are you doing?<br />
''It feels great just to talk about it, since there's no one I know who would understand even if I try to explain.''<br />
Hehehehe I would say that people who have this dream are endangered species  <br />
<br />
A the end, I will quote from Tcat : Thank you for showing me that I am not alone in this world.

Hey there everyone, my name is Dan and I have been feeling the same way for several years now. People have to understand IT IS possible to live in the wilderness and live a healthy happy life they just dont know how or where to start or are just flat out scared to go....I am 30 years old, but i look 20 lol and this has been a dream of mine since i was about 15. I have studied the best places to live geographically as well as survival techniques and other related...I am planning on leaving March 1st 2011 and I am looking for people who would finally like to just GO and get away. If you are interested please feel free to contact me at sydan66@gmail.com and I will fill you in on my plans. Hope to hear from you all! thanks, Dan

Hey there everyone, my name is Dan and I have been feeling the same way for several years now. People have to understand IT IS possible to live in the wilderness and live a healthy happy life they just dont know how or where to start or are just flat out scared to go....I am 30 years old, but i look 20 lol and this has been a dream of mine since i was about 15. I have studied the best places to live geographically as well as survival techniques and other related...I am planning on leaving March 1st 2011 and I am looking for people who would finally like to just GO and get away. If you are interested please feel free to contact me at sydan66@gmail.com and I will fill you in on my plans. Hope to hear from you all! thanks, Dan

Hey guys! Like most of you, I thought I was alone in this. For almost 10 years I've struggled with this frustrating feeling of being trapped by modern society, and my earthly possessions. I feel like a bird chained down in a cage, and all I want to do is escape and know true freedom.<br />
It's reached a boiling point now, and I've decided that this year I will concentrate on paying off my debt, and getting my affairs in order so I can leave all this madness behind and live in the wilderness by next spring, which starts in about September here.<br />
It feels great just to talk about it, since there's no one I know who would understand even if I try to explain. I really hope I can find people with similar goals who live in my country. I live in South Africa, and there are plenty of beautifully wild places I want to explore while I live off the land, at one with nature.<br />
Thank you for showing me that I am not alone in this world.

It makes me feel satisfied inside to know that there are like minded people out there :) I suppose technology is good in this aspect.

Most of people was saying that if we're gonna live in wilderness we need to hunt animals for food , Its against the nature and there isnt need for that when there is Vegetables,Fruits,and Milk .<br />
is there anybody agrees with that ?

Finally after all this search i found you guyz , Thanks martina for the post .<br />
Count me in the Group , Email : Sitf_90@yahoo.com

Its good to talk with you marttina :) thanks for your wonderful response!<br />
<br />
Hows college on you? I've done lots of reading and self study the past year and I've recently stopped my college study.. which was my fourth effort :( It's not for me. I would like to study natural healing, through raw organic food that agrees with our bodies. Dont really have the money for it so i continue learning as much as i can before i get the chance to really do it. Should be a very helpful skill living in nature :) I'm convinced we can cure and prevent ALL disease.. Theres just too much money to be made of off people being and staying sick. I'll be working a small job for a while to keep my head above water financially speaking. Besides that I'll be doing something i felt had to be done for a long time. Tell some more truths or atleast try to share what ive learned the past year about health, nature, spirituality, love and just being the change i want to see in the world. If i dont do it then who will? so i imagined walking door to door like a Jehova.. but then just my story ;) theres too much suffering going on in this world and people are too caught up in a shallow and short-lived matterialistic wanting. But they too are victims of a crazy culture. I hope i can help out in whatever way. Try to make some money so that we can meet this summer. I would love that! Nice to meet someone who is so in touch with her soul!<br />
<br />
keep smiling hun and good luck with your college!

Hey Milan, these are one of the most beautiful words I have ever read. I think that it is easily to do this if you do it with someone. It is hard just go to the unknown. I want to meet someone with whom I agree. I dont think I will go to live in wild all alone. <br />
<br />
I know what you mean by -Living in a world so disconnected, so uncscious-. Truth is that when I am in the nature I can see life, meaning, beauty and fulfillment of area. People oftten think that material things will make them happy. In the future I would like to merge in nature and travel around the world free...being free. <br />
<br />
why isnt it easy to step away from it all and experience the true joy of being, free from all these totally unnatural ways..<br />
Maybe you should think that one day you will be glad that you have done what you wanted with your life. One day it could be much harder for us to face that we wasted our life than really do this, especcialy if you find someone you can share joy and difficulties. <br />
<br />
Maybe we all should just meet.. <br />
I'm all for. Unfortunatelly, now I am on the college, but I will be free for meeting next summer. Then we can talk concrete about and make some serious plans. In the mean while, I suggest you to work on your beautful idea that can be achieved because you will have to do that soon or later :)) Every day people do things that are hard, you know that. This is just another dream that can come true. You have my support !! and we can always talk, and one day do something..

Hey Marttina! hadn't forgotten our lovely conversation! I dont understand it.. I lack courage.. Living in a world so disconnected, so unconscious.. why isnt it easy to step away from it all and experience the true joy of being, free from all these totally unnatural ways. Maybe we all should just meet.. set a date, see what happens.. cuz I'm not getting anywhere just sharing thoughts on the internet ;) however wonderful and truly truly inspiring it is to share these thoughts. I think for 1 it would do us all well to finally meet people alike. hope you're all doing great and keep on shining your lovely minds.<br />
<br />
thanks,<br />

thank you so much for you comment, Kohlianil .. you have been very ob<x>jective, realistic and careful which is good. sure, it is smart to start with short periods of time. Also, I think that it is not bad idea to learn some survior skills in some school or from people who had gone through difficult situations in wilderness. It is possible to learn so much from those people. I know some. But, I belive most important to start anything difficult is will. I want both of us courage to do that!

Hey you did manage to ignite a lot of imagination in me . Being family bound is not easy to get out alone and also weighs on the mind. Yeah I would like to roll in the grass or snow and just be the way i like and not be the way the society want me to, <br />
Is also not easy for us all who have lived in this so communicative society to be alone so Iguess I would start with a day -a week and then to a longer time.anil

thanky you so much for your comment and sorry for late response. i know i will get away because i feel i dont have many options. that is what i want. i feel i want company and i will try to find some. we will be in touch !! in the future, in the morning, i will open my eyes, lying on the ground..

Hi MartinaI'm sorry that i don't have a lot of information for you but your post was amazing. I've always wanted to get away from civilation and live in the wilderness. If you do find anything helpful or even if you did get away and could use someone to come with you please let me know.

o my gooood ! this is great!!!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know that as of today (03/08/10) we now have a forum for us all to gather together and discuss our interests, urges and concerns of living in the wild. Lets work together and make a stronger community to support one another! Please register at http://wildernessliving.freeforums.org !

yeah, i too had phases when i searched for those people who have this dream, because i couldnt find them in my real environment. Often, i ask myself, why is the number of people who want to live in wilderness so small , because the nature is something the most beautiful on our earth. <br />
<br />
where are you from?<br />
all i want for few years, when i finish this faculty, is to merge wtih the nature, or that what you said 'interact with nature and live in peaceful beautiful harmony'. because, how i see this culture, like a lot of stuff being created artificial. <br />
<br />
few years ago, i thought , that i will live alone in the wildernnes, but today i know that i dont wanna that. i want some company, somebody i can tlak with. it will be easier that way because we can help each other . before i go, i have to learn some survival skills , like you said, hunting and some medicine skills . i know it is gonna be hard but my life will have no meaning without nature and animals. there are some survival schools in my country :))))<br />
<br />
one day i will be nature...

hey my name is Jose and it feels really good to know i am not alone i go on google looking for people that share this similar dream to live in the wild and interact with nature and live in peaceful beautiful harmony away from what this world provides us with a bunch of crap . i am 19 years old and i am looking for people that have this dream as well as me.. for maybe one day i will find people who would want to embark on a adventure with me living in the wilderness people that are intelligent and know a lil bit about everything medical science huntin building just basically surviving out in the wild .. to live like the indians lives to hunt and gather to live in peace with animals and see what we can learn from them to live a different a exciting life if anyone can see and imagine this like i can reply hit me up on my instan messenger romeo2510

i agree with you man. posted one here as well

Message me i would love to speak to you.

i am glad that you really decide to take the action.<br />
it sounds really interesting - nomad lifestyle.. you mean like moving trough the nature or?<br />
<br />
i think, for about 3 years when i finished faculty take year to prepare, learn skills and then do it for reall. i know that my life will be about wilderness and traveling, or i want to to be. <br />
in my country there is the type of nature that i really like, oak s forests. <br />
<br />
that is really cool , australia... it sounds like good experience. <br />
i was traveling a little by myself , but not trough the wilderness. <br />
i have not read the book, but i heard that is really good so i am going to do it. i like so much the movie Instinct with A. Hopkins, because it touches the topic that is so important to me. <br />
<br />
me too, i dont want that my life is about making money and being captured in this system which does not give place for freeedom. everything is about materialism. whole man s life is determined, from the day he born to the day he die . what i need is to live and to feel that life, being part of the nature and walk free trough the world :) <br />
<br />
yes , me to. i love some much my parents , brothers, sisters. my parents, they are perfect and i think they will understand me. <br />
<br />
i always wonder : why is the number of people that want to live in wilderness so small although the nature is so beautiful....<br />
<br />
it is so great that i finally can talk with somebody that can understand me.

thank you martina, for sharing your thoughts :) Im from the Netherlands, the country with no nature..<br />
I'm realy starting to get serious with this idea! it fills me with joy, and yes i would like to have company, though i am realy atracted to the nomad kinda lifestyle. So first indeed I'd need some time to prepare.. learn survival skills, save money to buy the stuff I'll need. I've always loved being in nature. Did some backpacking through australia.. was a good start in experiencing. You're so right, we gotta make the best of this life, weather there is or isnt a next one. I've always been different from the average society person, but to take the next step and realy do it is something else. Have you read the book, 'the alchemist' its good, made a deep impact on me. I like to read, but never found a study worthwhile.. what am I doing it for, for the money?? **** THAT! thats not going to be my life. I dont need much, except from new experiences. The whole world and society, the system is so toxic to me.. everything is about getting more money, stuff, status, bigger, better, I dont want to be part of that. Dont get me wrong I've had a good life, so far.. loving parents and a brother and sis, friends.. but i dont fit in the system :) nothing wrong with that :) how are your plans going along? take care martina, great to have met you, even though its online ;)

My name is matthew and just like you guys living in the wilderness is one of my biggest dreams.I on the other hand already know survival skills animal confrontation to bulding fires fishing by hand and making shelter.are any of you still trying to achive your draem.write me at grimmalone@yahoo.com take care everyone

first, thank you so much for your comment. it means so much to me that i am finally meeting people that feel the same like id do. <br />
i think you must find the courage if this is your dream because have probably one life to do it :)) so go for it!<br />
i am sure that we can learn how tu survive, learn skills that are necessary . there are maybe people that can teach us that. i am counting on that. and i think it is easily if you are not alone because you have company and you can help each other .<br />
that is always on my dream :)))<br />
where are you from?

Hey martina!<br />
<br />
I think i can relate to you. I too feel kinda trapped in society,.. everything is about money and stuff. I love nature so much more! Wish i had the courage to go out and live in nature! Don't think I would know how to survive though. But it is a sweet dream of mine. Maybe one day I will do it. If society keeps failing me, I would be happy to live in nature. How are you doing? still on your dream? Take care,<br />
<br />

if anyone wants lets start a group and commit to it.. and then join together somewhere of the choosing and then move on from there.. my name is michael and i choose to live in the wild and need people right now to be friends on this site and others to join me into this journey to become one with nature and true life.. im tired of society.. it rules against humanity life and greed.. all people care is about money and goverment policys.. its all a bunch of bullshit.. anyone willing to be with me on the journey write to me thankyou for your time blessed be michael

hey borthamike05. yo man i have bin wanting to do this for like 3 years now. hit me up

Hey brotamike, I also have some of the same views and have been studying and learning to live outdoors for over 5 years now. Is this something that you are still considering? What part of the world are you located in?

HEy i too have the same views do message me i turly need to talk to people about this and figure out when and who i shall be able to go with. More minds on the same task will give it many ways in which we could solve a problem.

Hey, I have wanted to do this for a long time! I see you are Ukrainian. I'm Russian. If you are still serious about this, let me know more. We can talk.

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