I Want To Live In The Wilderness

Ok so i have been wanting to do this for some time now, i want to get away build my shelter and live off the land, of course i know its a great challenge and will be very difficult at times,, i dont really want to do it alone but i will,, my only problem is finding the land to do it on,, after this economy  crashed like it did i lost everything and right now i am having to fend for myself because i cant find work and things of that sort so i might as well  live in the wilderness neways,, i want to grow my own food and make the best of it,, finding the land to do it on is the hardest part or finding a partner to do it with,, i would prefer to do it in the appalachain mountains,, anyone want to join or have ideas

secretlove2005 secretlove2005
26-30, M
4 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Do it. Make sure t plan & prepare. & keep your "reasoning" in mind, of why & how you choose to live that way. You knoe. ****, if I could get to the appalachain mountains I would. =)

damn that sounds really good! way more interesting than the shallow life of materialism most people live! Wish I could join you but im not ready yet for such a step! Its my dream too! You'll get there mate! keep the dream alive!


this sounds very doable