A Bit Like They Do In 'the Hunger Games'..

I've lately felt this would where I would be my happiest. Just hunting and gathering, and so on forth, the problem is i'm too young to do anything like that ye
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Same here, I am starting to set things into motion. Hoping there are a few people that want to make some sort of tribe to go hunting, gathering, bonding with each other etc somewhere in a very remote place. Hopefully a place where there are no harsh winter or non at all for that matter. A place that flourishes with wildlife and has a stunning view.

Soon when it's my b-day ill ask my buddies and family to get me some survival tools, i'm also gonna join a few survival courses.

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I too feel at home living in a nice hobbit house like Simon dale , Google his name and you will see what he has built Lucy ,
let me know what you think of his home, im doing some research on finding a ideal place on this planet to live like this

It's beautiful, wish i had a house like that!

the beauty of the wild is that there is no age. you are not a minor, you are not a senior. you survive if you have the skills. you are not too young to go out and live in the wild, you are too inexperienced. go out on short survival expeditions. learn all the boy scout stuff (girl scouts don't teach the same cool stuff), and then some. learn to shoot a gun, how to trap animals, skin them, tan their hides, get their meat. learn how to cook outdoors. learn about edible and medicinal plant identification and herbal medicine. learn how to build and maintain adequate shelter, especially for cold weather and rain. learn first aid with as little supplies as possible. devour survival skills books. watch survivalist documentaries. read the memoirs of people who do that. by the time you are "old enough" to leave home, you will also be experienced enough to go off on your own and be able to handle what gets thrown at you.